720s FTW! (T-Hawk thread)


in for this thread.

i never played thawk in vanilla ST but he is a lot of fun in HDR.

normals i like:

st strong (far): this thing beats out bison scissor kicks and cammy cannon drills. i also like to randomly do it against shotos when i am in just outside sweep range to stuff any fireball attempts

cr mk: i like this as i feel it is a really fast poke for the range it can cover

jump straight up hk or hp: horizontal range and damage on these “pokes” are insane too. super long hit box … can be used as a AA as well.

and of course, jump jab. lols. too good!


From what I’ve tested, it’s possible to do the super as a HCB, HCB, then back motion w/ a button release.

You won’t be blocking low, but since when do reversal attacks hit low?


what does thawk have in terms of anti airs other than DP?


close strong, jump back jab, situational b.jab, preemptive st.rh, jump straight up rh.

jump back jab and dp are all you ever need. promise.


I thought you could cancel it in ST? (maybe it’s just AE?)

…and I am kidding a little by being overly dramatic.


Hawk is nutoriously weak to cannon spike on block, so there’s not a lot he can do about it if he blocks it. One solution I like is to not stand right at the max range of cannon spike and jump back > Hawk Dive in anticipation (sometimes you can see they did it and get a free one on reaction). It worked like a charm for me. Once they start getting wise you can jump up or back and do nothing. Cannon Drills = free 360 as someone stated so it’s not to much of a factor. Normal to normal Im not sure what beats what though so you will probably have to ask someone else.

gridman: Thx for the advice man. By the time I read your post I had already owned Scizzors kicks with 360s, not hard at all. It was really about an erroneous perception I had about how the move (Scizzors Kick) worked.


The best bet would be ending the SUPER by holding b + release punch buttons of choice, since his SUPER luckily still doesn’t have a whiff animation.
J.jab hold strong and fierce -> hcf,hcf, b + fierce~strong

I’m having trouble doing j.jab, st.jab hold strong fierce, hcf, hcf, b + release fierce~strong. Gotta practice I guess.


How useful is the crossup splash, s.mk, fierce DP?

That shit does as much damage as super on crouchers and has a good chance for full stun. Follow it up with a 360 and that’s 95% right there.

Dunno how easy it is to land in a real match, though.


substitute the cr. lk for s. mk and a dizzy is practically guaranteed. Probably even a better chance in HDR since the fierce dp’s 2nd hit would often whiff against certain chars in vanilla ST.


^ Try substituting the s.mk for standing short.

Standing short almost does as much damage as standing medium kick. It also helps you get the two hits of the DP.

Dizzies a lot. Good setup is roundhouse elbow bash throw, then hold up-towards to get the jump-in.


I’m having an issue with Typhoon whiffs. It seems that on certain characters (I noticed Blanka and Ken tonight) even though I’m in range after xup d fierce -> d jab x 2 the Typhoon will whiff. I know I’m in range because my hand in the whiff animation is almost above their head (they are ducking of course).

Is this just a limitation to Hawk’s Typhoon or am I doing something wrong here?


This happens to me too. I think we may be doing it while the opponent is still in hitstun.


I find it harder to do his typhoon after ticks consistently, since I use multiple buttons when I negative edge. Sometimes I end up like you guys, doing a whiff animation point blank. Also I’ve got a hard time toning down my typhoon attempts, since I attempt it whenever I whiff something in ST, like jab rising hawk whiffs then fierce~strong, 360, end in d/b + release fierce~strong. Now I just end up getting slapped in the face ;___;


Omg I’m having this EXACT same issue, even though I’m within range. The characters will simply duck and my typhoon will whiff over them. It happens to me frequently after crossing up with d+fierce and doing the typhoon afterwards.

Anyone have any tips on fighting Honda and Blanka? They are my hardest matches so far. I’m an ST noob, so I dunno their relative weaknesses. Honda’s headbutt is killing me and he seems to build super meter VERY quickly (faster than any other character I fight) and I end up worrying about eating his super. The jab headbutt is stuffing my air attacks. HHS is doing crazy chip damage. Ughhh I hate this match. Blanka is not as difficult for me, but it’s still a tough match. Turtling Blankas in particular give me the most trouble.

Also, how do you guys execute his typhoon after blocking attacks (standing and crouching)?


I always press and hold fierce~strong and rotate from d/b, b, u/b, u, u/f, f, d/f, d, d/b + release fierce~strong an old habit from ST. However you can press fierce~strong hcf, b + release fierce~strong or the opposite with hcb, f + release fierce~strong.


For you guys with the typhoon whiffing it’s VERY likely you’re just doing it too early. Tons of moves have frame advantage after them in this game, especially after meaty attacks. If they’re still in blockstun, your throw will whiff. Just try waiting a bit longer before you throw.

Although, I have had one instance where I thought I had blatantly whiffed a 360 for no good reason. It was against Guile… but, I’m probably just imagining things. (I hope)

Anyone have any tips against Akuma? I actually think Hawk has decent tools against the other shotos, but the dark hadou might simply be too strong.

Midscreen fireballs and stuff, I can deal with. Hawk should be always able to get into sweep range against the shotos. But the air fireballs are not fun! DPing through those air FBs is a pain in the ass, but even a trade is way way in my favour if I can get one. Blocking them is not something I want to do if I can help it. The last thing I need is Akuma up in my face with the advantage. I thought crossup hurricane from ryu was annoying after knockdown, but this air fireballs business sucks and Akuma’s hurricanes juggle to boot…

If he uses Hurricane to escape a throw it’s not like the other shotos where you get hurt. With Akuma you get HURT. (and wake up into an air fireball/crossup hurricane into shenanigans)

He can use ANY special to get out of Hawk’s ticks. Pick one, it will work.

Demon also is an issue, as you HAVE to get in close, and if he catches you hitting a button, he’s got you. It’s not all that dominating or anything, but it will counter all ticks, and it sucks that when I finally get in I am hesitant to hit a button if he has meter. The other shotos don’t have the option of sliding through ALL of my attacks and throwing me when I get in close.

Also, can you throw his teleport? It has a hitbox right? I’m guessing it can’t be thrown though… :frowning:


Thanks for the Typhoon tips. Can T.Hawk use the Typhoon as a reversal when someone is sticking out meaty attacks? I tried using his DP as a reversal instead and I can NEVER get it to work. It’s possible that my timing sucks, but I’d like to know if the Typhoon can work instead. I’ve completely give up on Honda vs T.Hawk…just impossible for me.


Yeah you can Typhoon as a reversal

as for what Nos is saying…I’m 100% with you on that. I’ve tried to get out of the wake up shenanigans but to no avail, the lesson here…don’t get knocked down. So is there any clue as to what to do in this fight or are we completely dependent on an Akuma player being stupid to win this?


blanka is a pain in the ass

electricity is too good vs hawk and the only move that i know that beats electricity is his elbow drop (d+mp) in the air


you can just sweep electricity right?