720s FTW! (T-Hawk thread)


you can just sweep electricity right?


You can just anything electricity. It has horrible hit-boxes except above Blanka’s body. Any time you’re on the ground it’s a free whatever you want. There’s pretty much no move in the game that won’t hit electricity clean on the ground from max distance. Maybe Blanka’s low sliding fierce.

I’m not seeing the awesome new T. Hawk. The new motions only help if you were bad at the old motions - the new 360 motion only helps bad players. Ability to do walk-up 720 is nice but realistically most of the time you are getting a 720 after you force them to block, after you block, on wakeup, etc. I love the part of Sirlin’s blog where he says that standing 360 used to be really hard to do - really? I’m using a xbox pad and it’s easier for me than a fireball. (Pro-tip: press jab before you get to the up part of the motion)

The problem I’m having is that none of his harder matchups have not gotten easier and perhaps have gotten harder with the addition of the whiff 360. In particular characters like Cammy, Chun and Vega. The dive changes are nearly irrelevant against these characters and the whiff animation hurts against characters who dance in and out of range. If you are trying to 360 between poke strings instead of getting a low jab or a low block if you’re too far instead you get a whiff that really throws off your rythm. I think Cammy’s new drill may be safe at some ranges though I’m not 100% certain.

In general the whiff makes it a lot harder to get random throws off blocks or at max distance, especially against characters who throw out moves that get them off the ground.

I’d be curious to hear how other people are faring against chars like Chun and Cammy.

Rebalancing ST Remix

wow why would you ever sweep electricity? free walk up 360.

chun is a joke. such an easy matchup. dp beats everything she has clean. walk up meaty cl.forward x 360 gg. jump jab kills her upkicks and everything else. one knockdown match is over. you can 360/720 her on hit / out of SBK lol.

cammy is 50/50. she can spam cannon spike all day but who cares. one knockdown and gl to cammy. once shes in the corner she has nothing. cr.jab and f/b.jab stuffs drills. cr.forward punishes poorly spaced drills. dp that shitty hooligan and dont lose to scrubs spamming her dp.


bad news fellow hawks. his old dp bug is still there. basically, whatever strength dp you do last will come out if you do a reversal dp, regardless of what button you hit for the reversal.

it just happened for me vs a sim player

i missed his dizzy combo and whiffed the fierce dp. little bit later in the same round i was in the corner and did reversal dp and i HIT JAB and fierce dp still came out.


Thanks for the advice! Tonight I tried not doing the piano method and instead just going with one button. Seems the extra split second helped as 90% of the time I got the Typhoon.

Playing Hawk is so addicting. Walk up 360s are my new favorite thing. :lovin:



Two random tidbits:

1: Hawk’s fierce rising hawk does hella damage.

2: I was able to replicate juggling people with the fierce rising hawk in the non-normal way. If you hit someone in the air close to the corner you land before they do and can tack on a second hit by doing another fierce rising hawk. The easiest way to see this is to pick Dictator in training mode and have him jump about one character width away from a corner. Try to hit him at the very top of his arc, almost as if he is landing on your head rather than you plowing into him.

Probably not very useful but interesting nonetheless.


I just stumbled across ultradavid’s post about the glitched (?) new 720 motion and I thought I’d give it a try tonight.


Basically just doing two half circles back and then hitting up back is too good. Much easier than having to hit forward. I don’t think it makes Hawk drastically better but with a full super meter he’s even more dangerous to make a mistake against…

So much fun!



Having difficulty vs. Dictator, Claw, and Honda. Dictator primarily just running away the whole match and as soon as I get close jumping over me to safety unless I psychic DP him. Claw isn’t too bad. I started c.hp wall dives and seemed to have pretty good success.

I hate me some Honda


honda is a pain in the ass. the only thing i can think of is psychic dp/dp on reaction to his headbutts and HHS and psychic dp when he tries to counter throw you. its a losing battle but if you scare him with enough psychic dps, you can get some storm hammers and crossups in and win.

bison. corner him and he can’t do much about your splash (j. d+hp). his throw range is pretty big so watch out for that if you’re going for ticks into storm hammer.


bison cant do much about j.jab. j.jab 360. or wait for him to be stupid and scissor or space a PC bad and reversal 360.


Much to the dismay of T.Hawk players, I’ll give away Bison’s secret. Low Forward beats Hawk’s Jumping Jab. He lands in it, and Bison, if timed well, can even Combo Stand Roundhouse off of it, since you can make it act like a Meaty.

Of course, then Hawk can change to Down + Splash to nail the Low Forward, but as Sirlin showed me, a well timed Crouch Fierce or Stand Jab beats Hawk’s splash… but not Hawk’s J.Jab!

Mind games… BEGIN!

  • James


woah woah woah, you must be playing some REALLY bad hawks to be jumping in from that far that youll land on his cr.mk. holy jesus. only time i jump in against bison or chun is if its going to hit his head.


If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Doesn’t have to be far away at all. I’m pretty sure it still works if you are on top of Bison.

  • James


Actually a Hawk that knows how to play against Bison will never jump from far, Bison wins with just a meaty low foward into anything (another low forward-scissors combo, standing short-rh combo). the only place T.Hawk should be jumping is from close range or against a cornered Bison.

Never jump with Jab beyond the corner against Bison, jump with either a well timed fierce, down+fierce or just short which beats any low attack. Also take note that the Dive works wonders here in HD Remix, the match is somewhat reversed to Hawk’s favor now if he gets in with a dive.

Aside note, after switching on hit boxes I noticed that O.Hawk/R.Hawk has a really big box on his jumping strong (not elbow). When I tried it to my shock it was as good as Cammy’s from OG ST if not better priority, not only that but you can also cross-up with it !!


The first two paragraphs are exactly what I was thinking.

Yeah you can Xup with jab too hahah. problem with jump strong is that it doenst stay out long


Radpid-fire low jab stuffs Honda’s headbutts.


I played Gief today and had a little bit of a rough time.

What would you suggest against KKK lariats? Seems that timing has to be pretty good to counter legs otherwise he can easily use a piledriver to punish.


lol who would have trouble beating Chun as T-Hawk. All you need to do is make her block a hawk dive then just use j.jab you win :frowning:


You can Crouch Block the Hawk Dive. Which leaves you still charged. And Chun Li’s Short Razor Kick beats T.Hawk’s J.Jab. So it’s not QUITE as easy as you say it is.

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Against Gief you really have to mix it up. I tend to use a fair amount of low roundhouse, jumping straight up roundhouse, an occasional stand rh (but this can be lariated pretty easily so watch out), a decent amount of jumping around outside of range of any attack, etc. The second hit of low roundhouse has pretty good range, you have to learn both the range and the timing on it. It seems to go farther than Gief’s low roundhouse and someone using the kick lariat to go through and throw is not something that’s ever happened to me I don’t think.

This match actually feels pretty similar to playing against Gief as Blanka in that if you mix it up you’re in good shape and can really frustrate him. Hawk’s jumping straight up roundhouse has tremendous range and doesn’t get beaten air to air very often.

That said I don’t have a good handle on this match. One thing I do know is that the dive is pretty friggin worthless unless you need one last hit.