720s FTW! (T-Hawk thread)


So I tested it out, and it’s interesting. Basically, T.Hawk’s Jump Jab CANNOT HIT a Crouching Bison. That’s why the Bison Low Forward works. There is no distance in which Hawk’s Jump Jab will hit a Crouching Bison. However, EVERY OTHER MOVE hits him, which is why if Bison tries to counter with a Low Forward, he can get REALLY mopped up. But, yes, a Low Forward is 100% guaranteed anti-air to Hawk’s Jumping Jab.

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Im gonna have to try this out later. Seems really interesting. Thanks for letting me know. If bison keeps doing it then do the tactic that gets EVERYONE AT LEAST once and early whiff j.hk land 360 :smiley:


what i mean to say that its really hard to do that because you have to wait till j.jab is about to hit you for the short upkicks to beat it. Its too stric to be able to do consistently especially online i’ve lost to a lot of T-Haws who kept whoring j.jab out because the reward is well worth the risk. Even in St tourney’s i’ve always had a hard time with that macthup but in ST:HD it seems harder


Gotta say, I think the new 360 motions might be too easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can start and down-back, or down-towards, and do a half-circle and punch and get the 360. (down-back, curl to up-towards+punch for example). That’s a half circle. Half 360. lol.

Hell, tap down-back, towards, then back + punch really quickly and you can get 360s. (I think you have to go to neutral down too, but you know what I mean)


Seriously. Hawks jab kills her upkicks like EVERY time unless you do it at the latest point possible and with the heavy startup on upkicks, good luck doing it every time.

I just played against a solid chun (and player) and the first and last round were just brutal. She still cant do nearly anything about [now old] hawks splash. What I know beats it is jump straight up lk, which works only if hawk is jumping from far and not on top of her, and a lucky air throw (and i stress lucky). If someone can tell me what else can beat his splash id love to know, just for curiosity sakes. As far as i know, once hawk is on top of her with his splash, its gonna tkae a huge mistake for hawk to lose.


Played a decent Honda tonight and it wasn’t fun.

Spamming HHS after a knockdown or a jumping roundhouse (which often beat or traded with my Rising Hawk) seemed to work wonders in the chip damage department.

And much to my dismay, I found that even when my low strong and low forward pokes hit he was able to retaliate with the HHS for a free hit. :amazed:



Honda is a frustrating matchup, and more importantly an annoying and often boring matchup.

Remember that when you do a DP you can pause on DF for quite a while before you have to press punch. This should help you get deeper DPs and maximize the chance of getting the fierce DP to hit twice. It’s especially important because Hawk is so damn tall that without pausing on DF you have to start the motion very early to avoid getting kicked in the face. You can wait literally a half second between DF and punch which allows your opponent to get lower to the ground and hopefully into the invulnerable part of the DP animation.


Ya Honda hasn’t changed much as far as bad matchup goes. If not the worst in vanilla, it hasn’t seemed to get much better in HD.

Really they just have to charge back and do jab headbutts to keep you at bay, and it becomes almost impossible to overcome against a good Honda player. But the Typhoon being a lot easier now has opened up a lot of in with standing 360’s.

I haven’t ran into any skilled Honda players as of yet to be honest so I can’t attest to the prowess of his Butt Slam, but that used to be effective against Hawk also in ST with the right set-ups. I know odd since we want them close but good Honda players used it well.

Off Topic: Is the wiki still being used by players and not messed up by griefers? I wrote most of T.Hawks stuff on there but someone came in and constantly jumbled it to the point I gave up. Looks like someone named Decca cleaned it up though.

If your out there good job Decca :smiley:


Thanks dude, I really appreciate it, especially from another T.Hawk player.

Props to the guy who included the new HDR inputs. It doesn’t seem like many people utilize the wiki, however I love reading about other’s than Hawk.

I really feel like the whiff animation is destroying my old T.Hawk strategy, not it was complicated at all :“keep spinnin’ them 360s and release fierce~strong”. Now I have to carefully guess when peeps won’t reversal, which means never. Honda, Blanka and Cammy can just keep me away.

Am I the only one still using the old d/b~360~d/b + release method? Yeah the new motion works wonders for walk-in Typhoons, but after cr.jab or cr.short it’s just in my mind to spin. I can’t seem to do the walk-in SUPER consistently, and
cr.jab -> cr.jab -> safe SUPER attempt is impossible for me in HDR.

From my point of view they should let us try out T.Hawk without a whiff animation, but his Typhoon should rebound much like SFZ3 Zangief’s SPD, so you have to work your way in again after each succesful Typhoon.


hawks whiff animation feels like it changes ticking. sorry. situations where you would be able to walk up 360 after a bounce back or something DONT seem to work anymore. the whiff animation seems to have really really weird properties as well. i swear i cant count the times ive seen the whiff animation come out and then all of a sudden just grab them.

if anyone wants, i can write up some strategy (what i do) against honda and whoever else if you want


However his whiff animation charges meter.

Jab whiff recovers really fast. i think 9 or 10 jab whiffs builds to full.


It takes 10 Typhoon whiff’s no matter if it’s jab, strong or fierce.


A question about new Hawk: j.jab->360 throw doesn’t work sometimes. I jump in, do the 360 and Hawk does throw whiff animation, like he can’t do the throw. I’m exactly next to the opponent and Hawk doesn’t throw. And this is in training mode. What gives?


I swear I’m not trying to be the downer against T.Hawk, but a patient Chun can Short Upkicks everything Hawk does from the air… splash, Hawk Dive, and J.Jab. Granted, you can jump from varying distances to make it miss, but it IS a reliable enough anti-air that she can hit these moves with it if she’s got good timing and patience.

Just timing. Before, you would jump, and think you just missed it. The the truth is, you are doing the code while they are still in block stun, so they cannot be grabbed. Wait a fraction of a second, and then do it.

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Wait. You can’t grab while they’re in block stun? I remember watching a tutorial video of Zangief in SSF2T grabbing in block stun. Is this Hawk only or did something change in hd remix? Also, I use s.mk->grab a lot, doesn’t happen it in block stun?



If this is the video your referring to then your wrong, Guile was just coming out of block stun while Gief still had some frames before he actually grabbed him.


Yes, you are correct. You CANNOT grab anyone out of Block Stun. If you could, you could just buffer Low Jab into SPD, and it’ll grab. No, you HAVE to wait until they come out of it to grab.

Now, the odd thing is that Gief feels like he has a WINDOW of grabbing, so even if you did it slightly early, it’ll start to whiff and THEN grab. You’ve seen it before when it looks like Gief twitches and THEN grabs. Now, I have NO scientific proof of this concept. It just feels that way from years of using Gief.

It doesn’t seem to work that way for Hawk. I don’t think he has that window, again, it might just be how it “feels”. But in any case, I too have found myself whiffing his throw a LOT, but that just tells me that in the days of ST, that’s probably why I ended up jumping so much when I tried to SPD with Hawk… I was actually doing it too early.

So just put a fraction of a second delay before trying the SPD, ESPECIALLY with the easier codes that take less time to perform. I find myself whiffing a TON with Hawk just because I do the SPD from D/F to U/B a lot now, and it’s SO fast.

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I’ve seen T Hawk start his whiff animation then go into a throw plenty of times, including in offline play IIRC. At first I thought I was getting the standing jab animation but I’m 95% certain it’s the whiff throw animation.


Once Hawk is on top of her with one close range splash, Chun cannot do upkicks anymore as they get beat for free.

Explanation: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5795173&postcount=28

Videos : http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5796065&postcount=33


To do the walk in super the easy way hold forward, press light kick from max range and immediately do a half circle back. Then wait a milisecond and do another half circle back and end with up + punch. It’s easier to go straight up + punch then to press forward + punch. Less distance to travel, and yeah it works.

Other fucked up shit I found was that you don’t even have to do a full half circle for the 360. You can do it from DF or DB. Personally, I like to start at defensive crouch DB, go to D, DF, F, and back + punch. I can even tick them with a max range jab this way, and I can go to block quicker if I fuck up the motion or just plain whiff. (not to mention block anything that tries to hit me before I get started)

BTW, to the person having trouble with honda hitting back your normals, have you tried standing middle punch and standing hard kick? Those might work better than the crouching moves.