I know only a few set ups for this…

Dont get me wrong these few set-ups work…im just wondering if theres more

1.wake-up(can do it)
2.empty jump(can do it)
3.standing(one time =x)
4.kara (pffffffffftttttt)
5.Uoh(few times)
Is there any others
Since this thread.
Whiff 360
parried clap

p.s- i love this big 7ft mother f^cker :lovin:

Hugo for top tier :tup:

Dash, uoh ,

Jesse-“sneaky 720” crouching medium punch befor some1 wakes up then 720 durning the med punch and right when they wake up Gigas =]

ooh…med punch into 720…you dont say…get ready to see that one dillon

whiff short
whiff clap
parried clap
clap, buffer, then walk forward.
crossup body splash (deep) c.jab is a good buffer
buffer off parry stun

nice, thanks for the info…that clap one i should be able to pull off all the time :tup:

Your av wins

Tachi Gigas! (standing on the spot)

You can also dash, buffer & do 720.

parried c.jab, parried, s.short and parried c.short and parried deep jump in.

a little risky, but great to surprise others:

use the animation to buffer the first 360 and release the other as you will, partitioned or not

canceling the animation fast enough is a little tricky, think as doing reversals

whiff lariat/defended lariat - gigas
whiff short meat squasher - gigas (j+hk, c+mp, strong/fierce clap gives perfect distance to whiff and cancel to gigas)
whiff throw - gigas (PERFECT for missed/guarded shoryuken and similar)
whiff uoh - gigas

using partitioned gigas, there is a very nice enemy reset setup in the corner

Ultra throw - j+hk/j+mk/j+mp (first 360) - walk a little - gigas
Ultra throw - s+mp/s+lk/c+mp(first 360) - walk a little - gigas
Ultra throw - body splash(jump d+hp) - whiff jab palm or c+lk - immediately gigas

for not giving in too much, after reset, you can mix with double/triple palm combo, backbreaker or meat squasher/dash - moonsault press

hope it helps

ye i forgot i can pull those off, also like the avy

Since this thread i now can do 2 more set-ups for it…working on the rest :sweat:

Appreciate all the help guys :tup:

you can whiff any attack into gigas. you just have to know how to use it and when to. tick gigas works rpetty well in corner. fp clap walk up gigas. it will work. trust.

Antiair an empty jump (or punish things like dragon punches) with Gigas by doing whiff crouching short into 720.

Jump with an air attack that just whiffs right before it would hit the opponent into Gigas, keeping the opponent in stun until right then

Clap, dash up, 720

Whiff crouching short as opponent wakes up, 720 as soon as he’s up

Ye i have the timing down for the whiff antiair against shorter opponents…but tall opponents urien, Q, etc. I need to fix my timing

Sometimes I tick them while in the air, and start the motion for a walk-forward gigas (start up, roll 270 to forward, then forward back to up) land, wait a split second and judge if he’s gonna jump, expecting a 360. If they don’t jump, activate. The 1 second you get should be enough to judge. Used best against defensive players.