75 dollars!?

For freakin’ USED Dreamcast version of Marvel vs Capcom 2!? Man I wish I had the guts to slap the store owner for that one!

Man does that really go for THAT much at stores? On ebay it seems that it’s about 30 40 bucks. Man I’m pissed. I wanted to get it today and start playing thinking it would cost $40 dollars at most…

Me: Hey, how much is Marvel vs Capcom 2?
Owner: 75 bucks
Me: WTF!? 75 bucks!?
Owner: ABSOLUTELY, you know how rare that game is? I’d easily sell the PS2 and XBOX version for over 100, easily.
Me: :sweat:


Look like it’s Ebay time. I hate waiting a week but I guess I have to do it.

Yeah fucking right! For the DC version it’s an easy 20-35 before shipping. For the PS2/XB version, they’re more expensive because they are not carried anymore… I forgot the word for ‘not sold/made’ but you all know what I’m saying. Thus making it hard to find at any store (EB/Gamestop/Wal-mart/etc…) and making it a ‘rare item’. Add in popularity and demand and you have a product/item that originally sold at $39/49, sell for $60-90 on ebay.

You can as easily get a ‘custom copy’, a backup, from a friend… which is another reason why the DC version sell for much less than the other ports.

I’m still trying to get myself an XB/PS2 copy, but I won’t be bidding on one for a while. Do yourself a favor and next time you’re on ebay, search for MvC2 or Marvel vs Capcom 2, then click on Buy Now to have the best chance of getting the game at a ‘reasonable’ price. READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE SHIPPING. The last thing you want to do is win a copy for $40, then pay over $20 for shipping.

Or go buy a DC that can…shifty eyes…play backups, and end up spending the same amount of money.

Meh I bought my MvC2 for ps2 for 29.99 CND at my Eb and the Xbox version isi there for the same price.

Why anyone in the world would pay 100 for shitty Xbox or PS2 versions of the game when u can get the DC one for free, or at most, 30 bucks, is beyond me.

I actually HAD a Bootleg of MvC2 given from a friend, but one day I denounced any form of piracy and thew the disc away. I was never that active in it Breath of Fire IV and MvC2 were the only bootlegs I ever had, but I just don’t do that anymore. Including ROMs.

ps2/xbox marvel is half the price of a DC marvel in stores and on ebay.

i make my own backups of mvc2 yet i want the real DC version for collection.

i don’t think you’re really doing any damage by copying games the companies aren’t even selling any more

You mean… any DC?

And I fixed it for you.

I remember hearing that Chrono Trigger (SNES) had a basic price of $300 to most collectors. But for MVC2? Bullshit.

Some sealed SNES games go for that much, the big ones being Secret of Mana, Seiken Densatsu 3, Bahamut Lagoon, Chrono Trigger, and some others (forget as they were Jap only).

I can’t see paying that kind of price for anything that comes on optical media, considering how easy it is to rip regardless of encryption used. With a cart it’s different since you can’t just duplicate it.

blame collectors for the price. they jack up everything

i still remember when i sold my us og copy of dbz final bout for the ps1. went for over 200 because it was so rare.

Meh. I gave my PS2 marvel away. shrug

Actually you can duplicate it. It’s much harder but possible. This idiot close to my house duplicates gb/snes/n64 games and then sells them. You cant blame him for people being too stupid to realize the custom made cover art on the cartridge and the inability to save=copy.

I got a brand new, factory sealed copy of MvC2 for $15 and that’s including shipping. It was the Korean PS2 version. Although not arcade perfect, it’s better than paying a fortune for the American version.

Think the MvC2 situation is bad? Check this out. Gamedude (a game store here in L.A.) wants $169 for a used copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn, and $799 for a used Metal Slug 2 NeoGeo cart (some NeoGeo carts are priced even higher). Granted, these games are much harder to locate than MvC2/DC. Still, anyone who’d pay that much money for any game must be out of their mind, unless it comes with a cabinet.

Ironically, I sold my copy of PDS to Gamedude about five years ago. At the time I thought they were crazy for giving me $40 for it. Now they’ll pay you $85 for the same game, and that’s cash in hand, not store credit. I suppose collector’s supply and demand are ultimately to blame for all of this, but it sure is crazy.

and you wonder why people pirate shit

People would pirate shit regardless of the price. The couple seconds/mins it takes to download a copy of the game and burn it to a CD/DVD that cost you all of a buck, vs driving to the store and paying for it (regardless of how cheap it is), or bidding on e-bay and waiting for it to arrive (again regardless of how cheap it is).

Piracy is driven by how convient it is to download something.

“and you wonder why people pirate shit”

Ahh I thought they liked screwing ppl over for producing things.