750 Ti for SFV?


Since picking up the game on the PS4 (and today on PC) I’ve realized that I need a better GPU since I haven’t really played much PC stuff in years and plus SFV on my current card isn’t going to cut it.
Currently running:
i5-2500K 3.3ghz. OC’ed @ 4.4ghz
16gb Corsair Vengeance
560 Ti

How well would a 750 Ti (4gb edition or even the 2gb edition) generally run, and most importantly potentially many issues with the game + this card combo?


Meh. I’d go for something a bit more powerfull. Im running a 290x and can run at 1440p maxed with no drops. Nvidea cards have more issues with this particular game. Thsaid, theres a thread on the street fighter v section of the forum about pc performance so u might be better of reading through that.


Minimum specs on Street Fighter V on the PC

OS: Windows 7 64-bit.
Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz.
Memory: 6 GB RAM.
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670, or better.
DirectX: Version 11.
Network: Broadband Internet connection.
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset.

So a 560 Ti would run this game, but if you want to upgrade why stop at a 750 Ti?
Get a Nvidia GTX 970, or a AMD RX 390


I thought it would, but after testing and tweaking for a few hours I can’t seem to get even medium settings to run smoothly. Plus on low the game looks (imo atrocious)
Clean system and hardly anything on it, nothing else running all the standard checks and procedures.

I wasn’t intending to really play much PC anymore, it just happens SFV allows me to go between setups and houses without worrying too much. I was looking into a 960 just assumed 750 Ti would have been adequate since I didn’t feel like shelling out too much for just SFV (if needs be I will)


I play on a 750Ti at full settings no lag but I have a i7 and 16gb of ram, just haven’t updated my card recently.

Make sure in your nvidia settings Vsync is off, if vsync is on you will get a slide show no matter what card you have.

There’s some bugs with the graphic options, low settings I get worst performance.

Oddly if my phones plugged in again to USB I get a slide show too.

Wait for christimas and get a 1070 or the budget model that is on it’s way.


The beta did not run well on a 560 ti. I’m sure there are more optimizations done for the final release, but the results were not pretty in the beta. I had this card:


Fireballs and other graphic effects would cause the framerate to dip below 10fps. I purchased this card before the full game came out and everything runs smoothely at max settings



Grab a GTX 1060 or better imo, if you are super budget then GTX 950 at the absolute worst imo.


hence why I suggested a GTX 970, or a AMD RX 390.

GTX 1060 and the RX480 is kind of short on supply and the markups on amazon and eBay is getting ridiculous


Yea that is true the markups can be really crazy and stupid, the RX 390 and GTX 970 are still really good imo.


I used to love ATI, don’t know if they have made a come back because there tech support was so trolly when you went to their forums to find out why a game was broke only on their drivers.

AMD price to stats beats nvidia everytime, but Nvidia makes sure there drivers are working.


AMD drivers got much better, they been doing better than nvidia on drivers as of late
anyways tech support on forums anyways suck :tongue:


What would be equivalent to a 950/960 in the AMD line?
Just so I can take a look and compare.

Thanks for all the help guys, I tried messing with the game some more but meh I’ll just wait until whatever card I get arrives.


Roughly I say the R7 370, but the R9 380/R9 390 is a better choice.


The 380 was the 960 competitor, and it usually performs significantly better. I’ve seen them- and the 380x, a half step between 380 and the 390- dirt ass cheap a few times over the last few months.


i got a good computer with an intel xenon 3.2Ghz processor and 32gb of ram from work for free. I had a spare gtX 660 laying around and put that inside of it. it runs sf5 on medium without issue. i haven’t tried high but the game runs flawlessly at 60fps. i think a 750ti would be fine.


A Xenon CPU doesn’t really do any better in SFV. The Large L2 Cache isn’t going to help your framerate. An I7 with a higher base clock will probably run better. Still a 3.2ghz xenon is probably overkill for sfv from a cpu perspective. The 660 is your bottleneck.


I am not saying a 750ti would not do the job, but if you going for a new Video Card, lets get something that a little bit more current than a 3 generation old 750.
You got the 800s, 900s and 1000s for nvidia cards to consider, If were going to upgrade lets consider some future-proofing or at least consider other current market games.


Actually it’s only two generations old. NVIDIA skipped the 800 label because at the time ATI had their card numbers starting with 9. Entirely marketing reasons. They did do some mobile 800 series, but on the desktop it went from 700s to 900s


Hooray for confusing model numbers and product names


Fighting games generally aren’t as demanding as other genres of games. On even a 750Ti he can play SF5 and any previous games (GG, MKXL, older KOF games) and I would imagine Tekken 7 will even run fine on that card. If he’s looking to not spend much money (which who isn’t?) , he’ll be fine with a 750.