757 Lock Down!

757 Lock what? 757 what Down?

757 LOCK DOWN!!!

Ok, the jist of it is this:

We have Virginia Beach gamers, Norfolk gamers, Chesapeake gamers, and even traveling out-of-state gamers out there who are itching to get in some crazy matches with other local comp (including myself). Yet, to my knowledge, many of these people rarely ever share a game with a group of other players outside of the arcade. The last event I went to was hosted by a black dude who ran a marvel, tekken, and ssbm tourney at his townhouse. I saw almost 25 people, seriously and some decent marvel players I had NEVER seen before. That’s just me though. I enjoyed myself that night, even tho I had to play ps2 marvel -_- I would like to make that a regular (not the ps2 marvel…).

Bi-monthly, I would like to rent a hotel room and deem it simply for those who are trying to get together and share some good fighting game matches. I will pay for the room, granted i can get at least 10 guys to sign up here on SRK. I would charge a $10 entry fee the day of and anyone could bring their own tv (3 tvs are guaranteed), console (ps2 and dc are guaranteed), sticks, games (mvc2, 3s, a3, kof xi, gg:ac, tekken5 guaranteed), whatever. If anyone wants to challenge another player to a MM during these gatherings, feel free. If we see we have a good amount of guys who all play a certain game well, we could even run a local tourney right there, on the spot! And, if you feel like taking a break to catch a movie, go shopping, pass out your number, whatever, Greenbrier Mall is across the street.

You know me, I will be on top of the recording for all games, and bringing the pain in whatever game I happen to be playing at the time :slight_smile:

This is to keep from having like a 8+ guy pile up at my place when I’m hosting and would be a PERFECT time for our traveling gamers to guarantee their chance to get in some good games with 757s gaming heads. People would be able to crash over the night and leave in the morning if necessary. Also, if any gamers are traveling and would like your own room to sleep in that night, you could very well let me know in advance, and I could score you a $25-30 discount towards your room at the hotel.

Transportation. What if I would like to go, but I can’t figure out a way to get there? Well, this is for the local gamers only (you know if you’re local!). I am willing to pick gamers up on the following conditions:
-if you are being picked up AND dropped off THAT SAME NIGHT I would charge you $10.
-if you are being picked up THAT NIGHT and/or dropped off THE NEXT DAY, I would charge you $5
-if you are being picked up AND dropped off at Greenbrier Mall/Cyberstation Arcade, I will get you for free
that’s it…

I need replies on the following:

-suggestions on adding other games…if you can bring a ps3 and tekkendr, free entry; if you can bring a 360 and Halo3/VF5, free entry
-those who are interested in attending
-those who may need a ride



-Casual Gaming: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Guilty Gear: Accent Core, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, King of Fighters XI, Virtua Fighter 5, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Halo 3…

-possible Tourneys…at least 5 players for whatever game, & entry fee of $2 for 70/20/10 pot

-possible MMs…up to your wallet and your challenger :slight_smile:

-Food and Beverages…the more people who sign up, the more available for all. Remember, your sign-up fee of $10 goes towards the food and drinks and space you will be consuming that day

-Mall entertainment across the street along with the local CyberStation Arcade which hosts 3S, TEKKEN DR, & some Street Fighter compilation, lol. Oh yea, and Air Hockey! Gdlk!

MAY 03, 2008


  1. OJ4 confirmed
  2. Chandon confirmed
  3. 10x
  4. Spectre General confirmed
  5. Styliferous confirmed
  6. EXIST
  7. umthrfkr
  8. TornadoFlame (what have we done!!! :o ) confirmed
  10. O-NO confirmed
  11. Bad Lt. (pending…)
  12. RyRy confirmed
  13. Chromer confirmed
  14. Scooter (pending…)

$$Money Matches$$

  1. EXIST vs umthrfkr (CvS2) Ft10; amount undisclosed
  2. EXIST vs RLJ(MvC2) Ft10; $50
  3. RLJ vs UnknownEnemyZero (MvC2) Ft10; $20
  4. RLJ vs Chandon (MvC2) Ft5; $30
  5. Chandon vs WTFSHINRYUKEN (3S) Ft5; $25
  6. O-NO vs Chandon (3S) Ft10; $50 [pending…]

**Popeye’s Chicken Matches:
**1) Tornadoflame vs RLJ (MvC2) Ft3; MSP Mirror
2) O-NO vs OJ4 (3s) Ft3; Chun Mirror (pending)
3) O-NO vs Tornadoflame (3s) Ft3; Chun Mirror (pending)

this sounds good.

i’m sure ppl like myself,scooter, ryry, and nelson would be down to attend. hopefully maybe some srk heads would attend too. if you bring tekken then u at least gb/chespeake square tekken heads. same for 3s, not sure about mvc2 or cvs but the community is still gonna play it reguardless.

I’m down for everything you posted. I also have the funds to help out with the room/food/rides too. Too me, a nice, roomy hotel room is best for raging testosterone, so i’ll throw in some extra money when needed. I can also bring ps2/dc/my sticks/xbox and myself. I need serious play time / practice in several games, all of which someone in the 757 plays better than me, so lets make it happen. Marriot Residence Inn in Greenbrier is like 1 minutes from the arcade, has a large room with 2 tvs already and is about $130 (i’d pay some extra cash for the bigger room). regardless, i think a larger room is the best idea. also, once it gets into later spring and summer, anyone who wants a free place to stay on the Outer Banks of NC is free to stay with me and Evelyn anytime. We can go to the beach / bar as well as play fighting games. :wink:

sweet. i’m definitly gonna go to the OBX when it gets warmer. i went last year, mad fun. but bars+games=lots of win:lovin:

Cool, man. With my military discount, they say it’ll only cost me around $88, so that hits the spot. Not to mention it’s a hop and a skip away from Greenbrier Cyberstation like ya said, so we could very well chill there on a Saturday and try to pick up some new comp to bring over as well. When the gaming dies down in the afternoon, catch a movie, get some eating, chill, and go back that night to game harder. Sounds good. I’m setting this for May, then, since this appears to be jumping off kinda slow.

Next question: what date? 1st Saturday of the month? Remember, even if you or I work that day the following can/will still happen:

-the room WILL be available. I will reserve the room before the date and make the payments, so if anyone is trying to go early or if I work morning that day, and meet up with me before the date, i could give the concierge heads up via phone when you get there (e.g., those who are traveling such as Chaundon)

-if you work that day, it’s an ALL-DAY thing, so no problem, just let me know, and it’s all gravy

alright, comments on the date…

Well, keep in mind that most people that go to Greenbrier DONT post on SRK for some reason, so we could ‘drag’ them back like you said. 10x isn’t going to be around for a few weeks it looks like but I’m sure he is down too. The large room also gives my girlfriend the option of shutting herself in a room, hehehe. I work every other Saturday, but this time of year I work about a 55 hour week. Regardless though I should always be off on Saturday by 6 and I never work on Sunday, so those dates seem reasonable. With your discount, I think we could do this twice a month if you wanted, and the other weekends we could go to one of our houses and play. I need to be practicing at least twice a week with comp, so I am down for whatever. Also we should always set up for practice before we travel. I’d like to attend some of the NC tourneys this summer, I can drive and help find hotels seeing as I used to live in Raleigh and I know NC like the back of my hand. Maybe you should post this in the SoVa thread so that ppl from the 804 can plan on coming. Richmond and that area isn’t that far from the 7 cities. Regardless, lets make it happen!


-yeh, you’re right, there are a lot of guys who play and don’t post on SRK. Good thing, bad thing? Doesn’t matter, if there are any at Cyberstation playing or even watching 3S or Tekken the day of the 757 event when we show up, they’re getting an invite. lol

-twice a month? well, that would depend on the turnout again simply because, if it’s just like 3 or so guys trying to get some matches in, I can host, no problem. If it gets bigger, yeh, 2x monthly won’t be too much of a problem.

-sounds like you’re really serious about stepping your game up, man. which games do you try to play in tourney? besides that, you are definitely right, if anyone is trying to go from an average, competent player to that guy who holds his own vs anyone, it’s gonna take some playtime vs a lot of different comp

-I’m going to step up and choose a date for the 757Gamer’s LockDown: 1st saturday of May

gotta run, but keep the posts comin people. i really wanna get some feedback on this

judge your in the military? I’m Navy and I dont get back from deployment till April 28th then I go on leave to FL till like May 15th or I’d be there, I’ll deff be part of all future SoVa events though…

I play Halo as well…

I’ll MM people just to see where I stand in the SoVa sceen…Should be fun.

When I get my place it’ll always be open to people ( most the time ).

yah, usafr here. i hear ya, man. keep doing your thing, and hope to see ya when i see ya. peace

Wish I could join teh fun fellas. Who’s gonna rape every one in ST in my representation for me?:rofl:

lol i’m bringing the gief’ in ST, and after looking at your banner, hope to be doing to players a lot of what he’s doing to ken :slight_smile:

I’m counting on you judge.:rock:
I wanna see vids too and a write up on teh experience if you got the time for it.

I’ll be there. But no fucking smash. Please.

co sign. i can tolerate halo, or call of duty but smash…i dont wanna hear a c stick moving around for hours:rofl:

lol! haha i didn’t think there was such animosity towards smash. nah, no smash. halo is just something to kick it with when the fighting crowd slows.

Let’s make this money match happen:


announcer voice: watch as two fighting game ppl square off in the one game they hate…super smash bros?

I’ll be there if I can.

I’m gonna aim to make it too.

Also, thirded on the no Smash thing.

Judge_rl what up homie? Man I want to go!!! All the fighting game heads are so spreaded out around here in SoCal; its not really close-knitted like it is in SoVa…I was gonna hang out at this guy’s crib and his buddies (their SNK heads, not too big on Capcom games) but he’s too far from me and I don’t have a car here yet to go to his place…sucks asscheeks! KOH 2 THE NE NAH NOOOOOOO! I still haven’t been to Family Fun Arcade yet; I plan on going there probably next weekend since I got drill this weekend; maybe I’ll meet some heads in there I don’t know.

I’m starting to fall off of my game again in all my fighting games…I even played Project Justice and got my ass whipped by the CPU! WTF!?

I’m working now and starting next month I’ll be going to school for music production so I’ma be busy out the ass…hopefully I can find some comp around here in the meantime to keep me up on my game…if I dont have no comp I start to ‘lax (like when I was gettin’ my be-hind handed to me when I was back there before I came here to Cali! Rofl!). Its cool playing with the nephew (and he’s actually getting better lol) but its not enough.

By the way you better post some vids on youtube dammit! Or I’ll Tony Jaa your ass! I wish I could be there man but got priorities here.

Is your cell off by the way? I tried calling you but it said it was no longer connected lol

Oh yeah…AND HI EVERYBODY! lol…and yes Smash Brothers is gay. if I had the game on the floor right now I would Timberland-bootstomp the f*&@ out of it lmao

yah, those snk heads have got mad MotW skill. i checked out one dude on youtube, and his casual vids were tight. too bad ya couldn’t make it, bro.

yah, my cell will be off for about a week until i sort out some undue charges i received from sprint. til then, i’m using a house number, but it’s only for business/emergency calls. meantime, my main contact w/ u guys will be here or via yahoo.

pm me where ur workin now! would like to know who ur new job is with and what it’s like?

lol i should be adding like 5 more mvc2 basics vids this morning. i’m off and free til like 4p today

KO NE NAH!!! and that was that lol