757Gamer's LockDown

757 Lock what? 757 what Down?

757 LOCK DOWN!!!

Ok, the jist of it is this:

We have Virginia Beach gamers, Norfolk gamers, and even Chesapeake gamers out there who are itching to get in some crazy matches with other local comp (including myself). Yet, to my knowledge, many of these people rarely ever share a game with a group of other players outside of the arcade. The last event I went to was hosted by a black dude who ran a marvel, tekken, and ssbm tourney at his townhouse. I saw almost 25 people, seriously and some decent marvel players I had NEVER seen before. That’s just me though. I enjoyed myself that night, even tho I had to play ps2 marvel -_- I would like to make that a regular.

Once a month, I would like to rent a hotel room and deem it simply for those who are trying to get together and share some good fighting game matches. I will pay for the majority of the room, granted i can get at least 10 guys to sign up here on SRK. I would charge a $5 entry fee and anyone could bring their own tv, console, sticks, games, whatever. If anyone wants to challenge another player to a MM during these gatherings, feel free. If we see we have a good amount of guys who all play a certain game well, we could even run a local tourney right there, on the spot! You know me, I will be on top of the recording for , and bringing the pain in whatever game I happen to be playing at the time :slight_smile:

This is to keep from having like a 8+ guy pile up at my place when I’m hosting and would be a PERFECT time for our traveling gamers to guarantee their chance to get in some good games with 757s gaming heads. People would be able to crash over the night and leave in the morning if necessary in the room(s) I rent. I am willing to spend up to $100/mnth on the room. That means, if we find some place that charges only $50 for a room, we could very well get 2. Also, if I see enough heads are signing up, I would put the entry fee towards more rooms, food, and/or helping those traveling players out with a discount on their own room if they intend on staying the night (e.g., if they have like 5+ guys with them).

Transportation. What if I would like to go, but I can’t figure out a way to get there? Well, this is for the local gamers only (you know if you’re local!). I am willing to pick gamers up on the following conditions:
-if you are being picked up AND dropped off THAT SAME NIGHT I would charge you $10.
-if you are being picked up and dropped off THE NEXT DAY, I would charge you $5
that’s it…

I need replies on the following:

-ideas towards a hotel choice
-which games should we be advertising? i know of the following list: mvc2, tekken, 3s, sfa3, st, gg, vf, kof, cvs2…any other suggestions?
-those who would be interested

If this gets off and rolling well enough, the very 1st 757 LockDown could take place in April!


–this is a double post and the main post is in the atlantic north matchmaking section–