[7th of April 2013] Triple Threat Vol.4 (Southampton, UK)

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The next installment of the South of England’s Fighting Game series has been announced with Triple Threat Vol.4

We’re running tournaments on;

  • Super Street Fighter IV AE Ver.2012 (32 cap)
  • Street Fighter III OE (32 cap)
  • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (16-32 cap)

We are also the first UK event to be running Darkstalkers Savior (HD) (16 cap) for 100% free entry

Registration opens 12pm-1pm - Tournament runs 1pm-9pm
£5.00 entry per game (SSF4, 3S, UMvC3)
Cash prizes split 70/20/10
Double elimination format
Bring your own stick/pad (no wireless!)
All played on XBOX 360
Casual matches on most other fighters

Keep checking this thread or the Facebook event page for updates on format/rules etc. Also feel free to pm with any questions.

<a href=“http://www.facebook.com/events/158103134343829/”>facebook.com/events/158103134343829/</a>
<a href=“http://www.orangerooms.co.uk/southampton/”>orangerooms.co.uk/southampton/</a>

The Orange Rooms
3-4 Vernon Walk
Bedford Place
s015 2ej<img src=“null” />

Only 3 weeks to go, we are also now officially supported by Capcom UK

I love it when the only event in the south of england is being held during the easter holidays while myself and tons of my friends who wanted to compete from portsmouth/southampton uni will be away and back with our families across the country.

Hey guys, thanks to everyone for attending the event, due to the internet being poor at our venue ;_; we can not stream but I shall be re-streaming the event at 6:30 tonight from the In for a Penny page, http://www.twitch.tv/akiraa20/old

Just finished uploading all the matches to youtube if anyone wants a watch: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PL3rP67NUdEy2rf8uTT606oFnv76TZzi2d