8/04/05 CvS2 Camelot Golfland Tournament

So yeah, here are the results:

1st - Ken I.
2nd - Clockwork
3rd - Minh
4th - Paul Lee
5th - Jose
5th - Daniel
7th - Geese
7th - Luis
9th - J-Peso
9th - Kevin
9th - Don
9th - Michael

12 entrants. That’s it. Peace.

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Who the hell beat cali’s best cvs2 player, Paul Leeeeeeeeezy? He has taken the crown from me by defeating me 2894739719234789-1280-1285 times for money. It’s okay though, Paul will win the next one. I’ll bet on him.

i beat him :slight_smile:

gg to everyone there especially the worlds best ryo player: clockw0rk. haha.

highlights: hip hop mania is accidently on free play, it probably STILL IS (just hit the yellow credit button). 2 old veteran pinball players playing pinball for 3 hours on 8 tokens. ryo madness. my proximity cancel vs. ken i :slight_smile: