[8/08] 3rd SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! (CASH ) Brooklyn/NY

Hey guys, its Adnan from CTF again, So I’m rerunning this tourney on the 15Th of august and i know this is in like 4 days
but there aren’t any tourneys being run so lets do this.

Saturday, August 15th
Street Fighter IV TOURNAMENT
pre-reg 4:00 and tourney will start at 5:30 PM “Lets be on time”

Rain "bar and lounge"
124 Ave O between west 6th and west 7th street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

use http://www.hopstop.com
if taking the N train, get off at Bay Parkway (thanks Vizard)

**Entry Fee **
$5 and $10 Venue fee (lets save some money)

1st. 70% + free entry to next tourney!
2nd. 20%
3rd. 10%

double elimination with 2/3 matches
winners/losers final will be 3/5
Grand finals will be 3/5

360 console
Controllers- BYOC
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

i will use software to randomize the brackets so its RANDOM !!

50 inch LCD HDTV and a 42 inch LCD HDTV which i run on HDMI So there’s no lag

There is no age limit required and no players are BANNED!
Everyone also needs to respect the lounge when inside
if anyone has any additional info that they want to add message me or just reply to the forum.

do like

Where exactly is this place? I put “124 Ave O” and “Rain Lounge” for MapQuest and neither returned anything. Need the full address to put in my GPS so I don’t get lost. LOL

if you are taking the train, it’s a few minute walk from the N train which stops at kings highway, just put west 6th street and ave O, should be fine.

I actually drive down and I don’t live there so I’m not too sure where everything is, but I’ll fiddle around with the GPS and see if I can get something.

I so want to go but I have plans that saturday. Good luck and I hope you get a good turnout.

I have a couple of questions…

The date on the tittle says the 8th, but then on your post it says 5th…
Why is the price so high? 10 dollars to play and 10 dollar venue fee?.. huh? this isnt a regional!
Also, grand finals should not be 4/7. It’s been 3/5 for all other tourneys.
Why 360? Most of us play on PS3… and who the F@#* has a 360 arcade stick?

Everyone says they have a Ps3 stick and then you get to the tourney and no one has one or they will bring a ps2 stick and complain that there are no converters. Of all the tourneys i have been to, 360 ones have run the smoothest because everyone basically has sticks for this and if they dont someone is willing to let you borrow one.

Its a nice bar. Its very classy. The displays are huge and dont lag. Worth the $10 venue fee to have the place all to yourself to play street fighter. The fact that you can use the bathroom (which was very very clean) without have to buy something is also a plus. Thats just my opinion.

a large % of ny has te sticks or another type for 360, ppl get by on the ps3 ones by borrowing sticks and yada yada get held up and what not.

I wish I can make it. I truly wanna see if I can hang with you guys from cf and the tourney scene

Sounds good. I’ll try to make it.

word up, I had forgot that the TE works on both 360 and ps3… I have a hrap with converter, but I dont think my shit works on xbox… never tried it… bleh

TE only work on one platform unless you have them dual modded.

The N train station across the street is bay parkway not kings highway, I wish I knew this last time lol. I should be leaving to japan the next day sooooo I’ll make this my warm up before 14 hours of sleep then horrible jet lag.

  1. the date has been changed, thank you " it did say Saturday, LOL use you head"
  2. price so high, lol your kidding right. You should go to the tourney and check it out before you say something.
    This is not a tourney with crap tv’s, no air conditioning, food or drinks. My first tourney had 18 competitors, and 1st place was guaranteed a te stick + 70% cash,
    I probably spent about $900 to run this tourney just so everyone can have a good time.
  3. grand finals are 4/7 but if the winners want 3/5 so be it.
  4. 360, why? well 90% of the community run 360s and i give my TE stick for anyone to use at the tourney as long as they are careful.


so guys, since the tourney is for the community. What do you guys want to see the prize to be for 1st place or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?

Nice, I’ll try to make it this time around.
I’ll be driving as well, and I have the same problem as the other person with the GPS,
we need the actual address bcuz “Rain” and “O ave” doesn’t show up on mapquest.

**I would love to borrow a TE stick for the 360 since I only have 2 Hori’s for PS3.
Sooner or later i’ll purchase a 360 stick down the line in case if people prefer 360 SF4 play. Either way, so long as people bring sticks for those that either don’t have one or don’t have a converter would be appreciated.

So basically to get there, like Vizard said, is to travel w/ the N train to Bay Parkway, Walk East on Ave. O to W. 7st. (all help by www.hopstop.com)

Looking forward seeing you all there.


Lets get hype, only 6 days left until the event :slight_smile: