(8/10/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #69

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Arturo (Rose, Dhalsim)
1: Dieminion (Guile)
3: KDZ (Abel, Rufus)
4: Chris Hu
5: Min
5: MarlinPie
7: Andre
7: Henry Cen
9: Noel FUCKING Brown
9: Cyborg Cop
9: Mobkiller
9: JD
13: Ryder
13: CJ
13: Dr Odwalla
13: Dizzy
17: AutoDemon
17: Chemist4Hire
17: RDM
17: DemonEyes
17: Joe Lewis
17: Quotes
17: SKM
17: Kyugene
25: Liston
25: Kaizoku Mike
25: Kazi
25: Jaxel
25: Big Brother Zeus
25: MasterChibi
25: Dave Destruction
25: RonStoppable
33: Puccabuki

Had lots of fun being a stream monster!

Good shit to kdz for holding it down somewhat for jersey!
Your half of a book misses you. Sorry I havent gotten a chance to bring it back to you yet.

I think the 8 on hte break result threads need some mother fuckin TROLLS!

Should be “8 take a break” Second week in a row without a grand finals. I got to see the losers finals which was exciting nonetheless. Hopefully I get to go to one of these tournaments sooner or later.

i didnt have a stick to play grand finals on

That sucks, Well good stuff anyways man!

Official 80tb pot monster right here :rofl:

Picked another bad week to miss the break

You should have used random select!