[8/10/13] --- Madison, WI --- IMDB9: Tournament Conditions


IMDB9: Tournament Conditions

Date: Saturday, August 10th
Smash Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/TeamMoonWalk
Other Stream?: TBD

Location: Union South, The Industry Room on the 3rd Floor
1308 West Dayton St, Madison, WI

This venue is open from 10 AM - 10 PM but I personally won’t be there until around noon if you show up before then I can’t guarantee there will be setups for non-smash games.
There should be free parking nearby on Saturdays

$10.00 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
$10.00 Super Street Fighter 4 AE
$10.00 Injustice
$10.00 Persona 4 Arena

$10.00 Melee singles
$10.00 Melee doubles ($5 per person)
$10.00 Project M singles
$10.00 Project M doubles ($5 per person)
$10.00 Brawl singles

$2.00 Cactuar Stamina Pancake
$4.00 NBA Jam Doubles ($2 per person)


2D Fighter
12:30 - Injustice
2:30 - P4A
4:00 - SSF4AE
6:00 - UMVC3

11:00 - Melee Doubles
11:30 - P:M Doubles
12:30 - Brawl Singles
1:00 - Melee Singles Pools
1:30 - P:M Singles Pools
3:00 - Melee Singles Bracket
3:30 - P:M Singles Bracket
5:30 - NBA Jam Doubles
7:30 - CSP Singles
10:00 - Close

Other games will be run if there is enough interest to run them, but it depends on the turnout.

Payout: 60/30/10 doubles
60/30/10 singles
CSP: 70/30
NBA Jam: 70/30

****Rules for 2d fighters are standard Evo rules but if entrants are low everything might be made 3/5 instead of 2/3, UMVC3 will be 3/5 regardless

The tournaments will be on PS3, but there will likely be Xbox 360’s around as well for casuals, we need setups so if you can, please bring your consoles! I will be bringing 2 setups so there will be a minimum of 2 ps3 w/ Evo Asus monitors to run the tournaments on but the more we have the more casual setups we have the better the event will be.****

Melee Rules

  • Items off.
  • 4 stock, 8 minutes.
  • Team attack on., life stealing allowed.
  • Ties are broken by lives then percentage. Percentage ties will replay the match with one stock on the same stage.
  • Regular sets are best of 3 matches. Winners finals, losers finals and grand finals sets are best of 5 matches.
  • Controller mods are banned.
  • Stalling is banned. This includes any excessive use of tactics like rising pound and wall-bombing in order to deliberately delay the match.
  • Glitches like the Ice Climbers’ freeze glitch and Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner are also banned.
  • Pausing is banned. Pausing during a match will result in a loss at your opponent’s discretion.
  • Modified Dave’s Stupid Rule: The loser cannot pick a stage he or she has won on in the set unless agreed upon by both players. Additionally, if both players agree to play on a banned stage, that stage may be played as well.
  • Gentleman’s Clause: If the two players agree on a change in a rule, like choosing a banned stage, they are allowed to do so. If there is no agreement, standard rules apply.
  • Wobbling is BANNED.


Neutrals 1v1:
Final Destination
Dream Land
Fountain of Dreams
Yoshi’s Story

Counterpicks 1v1:
Pokemon Stadium
Mute City
Rainbow Cruise
Kongo Jungle 64

Neutrals 2v2:
Final Destination
Dream Land
Yoshi’s Story
Pokemon Stadium

Counterpicks 2v2:
Rainbow Cruise
Kongo Jungle 64

Set format

  1. Both players select characters. Double blind can be called if necessary.
  2. Stage striking: Players eliminate stages from the Neutral Stage List until only 1 remains, and the players then play the first match on that stage. Players strike stages in a 1-2-1 order.
  3. The first match is played.
  4. Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage.
  5. The losing player of preceding match picks stage for the next match.
  6. The winning player of preceding match picks character.
  7. The losing player picks character.
  8. The next match is played.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 for all consecutive matches until the set is complete.

Project M Rules (taken from SCYSN5)

  • 4 stock, 8:00 minute timer
  • Items OFF and set to NONE
  • Buffer OFF
  • Ties after the time limit are determined by stocks, then by percentage.
  • If a match ends with both players dying at the same time resulting in Sudden Death, a 1-stock rematch will be played out on the same stage.
  • All Semi-finals and Finals matches will be Best of 5 format.
  • If each player has one stock remaining and the match ends due to a suicide move (Ganon’s side-B, DDD’s swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the player who initiated the move wins.
  • Non-first party controllers must be inspected by TO staff before use in tourney.
  • Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of the match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
  • Dave’s Stupid Rule: You cannot counterpick a stage you have won on in a set unless agreed upon by the opponent.
  • Player’s Choice Clause: You may play by a rule outside of this ruleset if your opponent agrees to it as long as it does not deliberately delay the tournament process. In the event of a disagreement, house rules stand.
  • Double Blind Character Picks: Players may elect to double blind pick their characters for the first match in case of any disputes.

Stage Strike from Starters for the first match of the set in “122112” fashion:

  1. First player strikes one stage.
  2. Second player strikes the next two stages.
  3. First player strikes the next two stages.
  4. Second player strikes one stage.


Dream Land 64
Final Destination
Fountain of Dreams
Pokemon Stadium 2
Yoshi’s Story

Dracula’s Castle
Green Hill Zone
Metal Cavern
Pokemon Stadium 1
Rumble Falls
Wario Ware
Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)

After each match

  1. Winner announces TWO(2) stage bans.
  2. Loser chooses a Counterpick stage.
  3. Winner chooses their character.
  4. Loser chooses their character.
  5. Winner chooses their controller port (optional).
  6. Loser chooses their controller port (optional).

Cactuar Stamina Pancake Rules

Cactuar (by Cactuar)

  • Best of 7
  • Random stage from everything except Icicle Mountain, Hyrule Temple, Brinstar Depths, and Big Blue

Stamina (by Nintendo)

  • Stamina Mode

Pancake (by Zjiin)

  • Random characters
  • Starting with the winner from the last game, each player may decide to “flip” either character, meaning re-random them.
  • For the first match, decide randomly who flips first (via rock-paper-scissors).

Rules Clarifications

  • If Zelda is randomed, re-random again to determine if you got Zelda or Sheik. The top 2 rows = Zelda, the bottom row = Sheik. This makes it very rare to have sheik, since she destroys low tier characters.
  • Select pichu before randoming. This is done to prevent disputes getting the same character twice in a row. If you “accidentally” hit B to repick Pichu, you are stuck with him.
  • If you can’t tell who won the match, replay the game.
  • Wobbling is LEGAL.

Brawl Rules
The Apex Ruleset

NBA Jam Doubles Rules

  • Double elim bracket
  • Matches are one game
  • Each team does a double blind pick for team choice. If they pick the same team, redo the double blind, eliminating that team from the pick pool.
  • Pausing is BANNED
  • The rookie team is BANNED
  • Byoc is encouraged, but there will be enough controllers there

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Yeah but will there be pizza?


do you know how many people usually show up for AE from previous events?


We haven’t had one of these in a long time but my estimate is anything between 8 and 24 people, Marvel should be around the same. We have a much larger scene than last time we had a one of these but the numbers also depend on how many people from out of town show up which I don’t know. Sorry I can’t give you a better idea of numbers but I hope you can make it out anyway!


I see. Do we need to sign up prior to the event or do we simply register at the door on that day?


You just register at the event sometime before the tourney starts and ideally are around the area at the scheduled start time. We aren’t going to be super strict for time, i.e. we won’t DQ you unless you’re holding up the bracket and have vanished for like half an hour, but we will start around the scheduled start time.


… there’s a pizza place on the first floor if that counts?


I would love to go this, but I don’t own a fightstick for the PS3 (all for Xbox). Wut do?


We’ll bring ps3 and/or dual modded sticks you can borrow if needed, we have a bunch


updated the room location in the OP


Hmm we’ll see.

Cactuar Stamina Pancake sounds fun too