[8/11/09] 8 on the Break SF4 Weekly Results (Now with teams)

I’m a dick.

1: Asshole!!! (Rashaan, Andre) Dhalsim, Bison
2: FADC taunt (One, Peter) Cammy, Zangeif
3: OCP is the enemy (Elias Whitney, Mr. Quotes) Dhalsim Akuma
4: DNB (Wiggles, Wetbucket)
5: Hugz <3<3 (MarlinPie, Frantastic)
5: Ryder and the Special Sauce (Ryder, Chemist 4 hire)
7: Team Cupcakes and Muffins (Chibi, Kazi)
7: Diablo II’s (Hardbody, Joneek)
9: Headbutt (Dynicksty, GT)
9: Itatsu (Vertox, Sabez)
9: We took your spot! (KDZ, LordKnight)
9: MANataur (Outphasem, HackerMike)
13: We <3 Kittens (Rigel, Lamaar)

Oh yeah there was also a Blazblue FIIIIIIGHT!!!

1: LordKnight Litchi
2: KDZ Ragna
3: Chibi Nu
4: Wetbucket
5: Hacker Mike
5: Distortion
7: Dark
7: Jaxel
9: Ryder
9: CDN
9: Raveryn

I need to get better so i can at least support my teammate.

your patner’s C.Viper was godlike dude

and ggs to all that I played tonight

gratz on Rashaan and Andre soooo solid team

and much props to hacker mike for posting the result this fast

gg’s everyone. im ridin the elias train to victory

team tourney was very fun.

we should do it like once a month or somethin.

I’m pretty sure this is Zangief’s handicapped cousin who’s unable to do combos and chokes in critical moments… :xeye:

GGs to every one

Big ups to cupcakes and muffins in that BB tourney

cupcakes ggs

i second that… def a lot of fun

2vs2 team tournament