8/11/2010 NJHALO nMo Super Street Fighter 4 Final summer Block buster!


SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 Nj Championships 2 July 23rd 2010 KOTC NJHalo.com

New Location


(201) 981-3537

2241 U.S. 1
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-4402

Get Directions
(732) 297-9413

YOU CANT GET LOST!!! It’s right off rt 1 so you dont have to worry about the Brunswick Zone maze lol.

Buffalo Wild Wings®

Be there on time !!! AGAIn you cant get lost

its down the street from our old location

System is xbox 360

( we are working on getting ps3 to xbox 360 adaptors for the ps3 controllers)


Wensday AUG 11Th 2010

6 free play warm ups

target start time 8pm

Tournament Fee: $10

Venue fee: $10 (FOR NJHALO)

xbox 360 is the console that njhalo will be using

Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Super Street Fighter IV
?2/3 Rounds
?2/3 Matches, 3/5 Grand Finals
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Double Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? 70%
?2nd ? 20%
?3rd ? 10%

If 50 player show up 10 bucks per person 500 bucks

the prize break down is

350 1st 70%

100 2nd 20%

50 3rd 10%

understand this can be more if we have a larger turn out.

any questions contact me on


or nmowner.webs.com

Bring you own stick and or controllers

Please RSVP
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i want to put you guys in the TIO program so we can get an early start .

visit A Member Of GameStops KOTC Nation

and new mugen orders web site

college students from kean, rutger and local schools come down ad throw down. this is one of 3 events.

Defending CHAMPION is Ryder who defeted KDZ in the Final match

Come Play Ryder from the break NJHALO SUper SF 4 CHAMP.


I’m there.


this time show up alittle later icy and i thank you for you postive spirit in showing up early to all of our events.


we had almost 30 last time and this was doulbe what we had before. please come out for this final of the summer trilogy. We will be doing much bigger events and lets do this last summer blast and go out with a bang. Ryder is the Champ


At least this time 6:00 is the official doors-open. I won’t show up earlier, promise. :smile:


lol im going to be there early to setup


lets get this last of the summer events in baby!!


This time its 100% ill be there. Its on a wednesday, its a day off from work!


Have my limo waiting and Ill be there.


GGs the other day Liquid.


Definately. ggs.


How far is this from new york city/?


Its exit 9 on the NJ turnpike. Thats around 35-40 mins from the Holland Tunnel.


30mins from the varanzao bridge out of brooklyn


Just started getting into SF so not ready to throw down yet, but would love to come and watch.


come and play man lol i felt the same way when i was playing at the espot and only got better. come support bro lol i promise you will surpise yourself and some of us will give you times during casuals.


Compete anyways, get your tourney experience up. Have to start someday!


I may just come and play. It’s only about a mile from my place. I’m only running at about a 45% win streak online but maybe some real play (and advice…LOL) will take me out of the scrub league.


yeah man common down bring people too.


all tournament info is on the events calendar on front page.

visit nmowner.webs.com to rsvp or the face book.