8/11 GTASF Official JS Master tourney


  1. Gerjay
  2. Shaun
  3. Ryan
  4. Howard!!! <=== This is not a joke.

That’s all I remember, Quan fails at running tournies because he forgot to post results.

thx for coming to my tournament everyone! i hope everyone had a great time!

shuan and spiral guy needs to play for money and see who’s better.

only 4 ppl joined rite? dat’s the only logical explanation green came 4th


I’m not angry at Quan about this, but it was certainly surprising: he thought that the winner of a round had to stay with team AND team order, instead of just team. He throws the game about 5 seconds after the game starts.

Eric - 9 people joined, IIRC.

Dude don’t talk shit, i was trying to call you before the matfch even started and anyone on my side could confirm that. You kept playing. I don’t like how your trying to insinuate that i was trying some sleezy shit.

I forgot to post results because the brackets were lost at Orbit lol.

If you wern’t angry, why did you feel the need to share this with eveyone?
Now everyone who reads your post will now have doubt in quan.

i cant believe Quan is such a sleezy bastard

What, can’t I throw friendly jabs at people now?

Quan, I never said you were trying to pull sleazy shit, but I was extremely surprised that you had no idea what the rules allowed.

EDIT: I’m also surprised that nobody on your side said anything.

conclusion: jiggabry’s scared of gerjay, dat’s why he didn’t come to the tournament

no comment

Winner must keep same starting character, but can switch the order of assists.

Winner may not use the “Switch Glitch” to have a different starting character.


changing order? … man you shoulda been at evo east.

oohhh man i fucked up big time.

Quan, I sincerely apologize.

GTASF Policy has been to allow order switching in Team Tournaments (you beat guy #1 on the other team with Mags first, you can start Sent against guy #2), but not in singles.

the ppl on quan’s side of the cab were me, ryan, and shawn.

all i know is that quan was complaining about something straight from the getgo and when i was asking ryan or shawn about wtf he was talkin about they just shrugged. so none of us (well at least me) knew wut to say because we didnt know wtf was happening till a few moments later.

omfg its a frickin 8 man casual tourney.
im sure if quan wanted to big-damage-hack you all, it woulda been in t8.

quan uses a modded mvc2 stick.