8/11 Mikado CvS2 Day


  1. Iyo (Team Iyo)
  2. AO (K-Ryu, Kyo, Sagat)
  3. Kisshi (A-Iori, Kyo, Sakura)

Highlights: OTK vs. Pinokio in Round 1, Pinokio wins the battle of elite K-Grooves. BAS loses his second match. Campbell and Ricky make top 5.

Teams (3 on 3)

  1. Togawa (N-Iori, Ken, Sagat), Dan (Team Dan), Tsugunosuke (N-Ken, Chun, Sagat)
  2. Choi (C-Sak, Ken, Sagat), Kindev (A-Sak, Bison, Blanka), BAS (A-Are)
  3. Keith (K-Maki, Blanka, Cammy), Campbell (Team Buk), Ricky (Team Ricky)

The team I was on got 4th.

Regionals: Nagoya vs. Tokyo vs. USA (round robin)

  1. Nagoya
  2. Tokyo
  3. USA

WEIRDEST tournament ever. After everyone had played each other, it was a three way tie. Even taking records into account, it was a three way tie. One representative from each team was then entered into another round robin tournament. Once again, a three way tie. A 2nd representative was entered in another round robin. It was a three way tie, including records, but they went even further this time and took into account how many characters it took to get a win (or loss).

Video of random matches in the singles tourney (with five cabinets, it was impossible to get everything):

Bari vs. me [media=youtube]M5hL2GYNtn8[/media]

Pinokio vs. OTK [media=youtube]i3GGoRkTI4s[/media]

KOK vs. Choi [media=youtube]FJOrmUR8OuI[/media]

Bari vs. Vega Curry [media=youtube]jAv3prrGdOI[/media]

Dan vs. Mizoteru [media=youtube]i2wwYjGMwyk[/media]

CAB vs. Buktooth [media=youtube]jbDPfEBZh9E[/media]

Ricky vs. Mizoteru [media=youtube]H-zNPyHLUEE[/media]

Ricky vs. Iyo [media=youtube]aNRYuJWNevM[/media]

AO vs. Buktooth [media=youtube]GzsfGiVSGPo[/media]

Iyo vs. Buktooth [media=youtube]5hsUWL2m9zQ[/media]

AO vs. Iyo (Grand Final) [media=youtube]zeZSvyOZI8c[/media]

Wow looking forward to the vids.

K-Ryu power is ON!~

Any AO vids?

so who beat bas? And did you get that match?

man bas sucks. lol jk

Good shit to nor cal cvs2.

How many entrants were there?

That’s crazy top 3 results for singles. Iyo is too gdlk.

What were the regional teams?

Oh and wooo norcal cvs2!

Since when does Choi play C-Sak???

he said he’d bring guile back for evo when I talked to him last…wierd he didnt practice guile in a this tourney though…maybe he likes sak better?

did i read wrong or is OTK back? = =

Single : defeated by AO

Team : Togawa win to Choi and Kindevu then get ocv from BAS, then BAS lose to Tsugunosuke.

-OTK was there but he officialy stoped to play this game a while ago.
-Choi’s C Sakura was impressive
-Iyo, who is a real beast, lose to Ricky in team tournament.
-Maybe around 40 entry.

Info on tie breaker Round Robin from choi:

first: ricky vs bas vs kok
ricky loses to bas, ricky beats kok, kok beats bas, resulting in another tie.

2nd set: Choi vs Iyo vs Random
Choi makes a huge comeback vs Iyo with 5% Sagat vs 100% Rolento. Jumps over slide into combo into roll uppercut for dizzy and wins. Iyo beats Random. Random Beats Choi.
Results in ANOTHER tie.

they decided to end the round robin now and decided to count Characters left on team, and iyo had the most vs random, in this case, making Nagoya the winner, tokyo 2nd, and USA 3rd.

ao BARELY beats bas/campbell/ricky

tightass matches. no idea if they got recorded though.

Did Kindevu participate in singles?

ever since he faced mine at evo2k3.
(jokes…but i did use her back then. now i use s-sak)

kindebu just entered teams

What a shame cvs2 is not on the Tougeki anymore.
This tournament was much more interesing and hot than this year 3rd strike’s Tougeki.

AO is my new hero :looney:

Cant wait for the vids!

Since I told him his guile sucks.

Derek Daniels