8/12 'Farewell Shinjuku W.Sportsland' 3S 5on5 tourney results

Sadly, W.Sportsland is closing down, as well as E.Sportsland in front of giant crab(called Kani-Spo).
They’re throwing the last memorial 3S 5on5 tourney.

Here’s the result(16 teams entered):
1st: team ‘god-like dusk’ [boss(Yang), knit(Yun), Mester(Yun), Daigo(Ken), Raoh(Chun)]
2nd: team ‘my dear Kuroda’ [Jima(Dudley), Kuroda(Q), RX(Urien), dirty(Oro), Aruka(Ibuki)]
3rd: team ‘game-in-namiki is also closing down’ [Shao(Ibuki), J(Makoto), Isse(Yun), Yuudai(Urien), Bouya(Dudley)]
4th: team ‘ginyu SP force’ [(Ken x 4, Chun)]

everyone thought team ‘god-like dusk’ was invincible, but actually not; each member, including Daigo, lost here and there.
in the semi-final, when Raoh faced team ginyu’s anchor Chun mirror match, Raoh declared ‘strategy Justin!’ and kept very defensive(turtling) and wait to counter during all of the match and won.

The grand-final was really close and good match. In the final game between Raoh and Aruka, Raoh was losing badly where Raoh’s Chun had no energy left while Aruka’s Ibuki had almost full vitality in the final round. From there, Raoh made another incredible comeback.
With hitting one low-forward into SAII, followed by two more air hit, then Raoh hit UOH on his low block! then another SAII and it killed! Everyone there was surprised and cheered their winning.

Wow, sorry to hear both W. and E. Sportsland are being shut down. :frowning:

Thank you for the informative post Kuni. It is much appreciated. :smiley:

Awesome Kuni, thanks for posting the results! Kuroda’s team is the best! Sad to heard about Sportslands closing down though. :frowning:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

too good, thanks for the results kuni

Good stuff Kuni, you guys should come to London sometime again.

Team god-like dusk is one hell of an army.

I dont think it will be too long before RX wins a tourney now…

I just talked to bas, and he said that (thankfully) the Sportslands are just remodelling. They’ll reopening in October. Lemme test this perverted lookin smiley :rolleyes:

LOL I like that, the japanese are now naming strategies after Justin. LOL Heh proving once and for all that East Coast Turtles are the the true hero’s in a half shell! hehe sorry canada :smiley:


PS-Hey Kuni when are the st nationals over there?

any vids??
raoh declared “justin strategy”. LOLZ