[8/14] LI NY Smithtown PnT SF4/BlazBlue Tournament

Alright guys I’m back with yet another PnT Hosted SF4 tournament. Only this time we’re including BlazBlue! I hope to see you all at the tournament and for those of you that came to our last one you should let everyone know about our basement! Haha

Date -
August 14th

Time -
Registration starts at 5:00
Matches start at 6:00-6:30

32 East Main Street
New York, 11787
United States of America


For those of you taking the train from Penn station use the Port Jeff line and get off at the Smithtown station.

The tournaments run will be :

  • Street Fighter 4 - PS3
  • BlazBlue- PS3

Tournament entry per game : $5
House Fee : 10$

The prize pots will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

SFIV Rules -
All characters allowed.
Rounds are best 2/3 and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

BlazBlue Rules -

Unlimited chars are banned.
Easy specials are banned.
Rounds are best 2/3 rounds and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 rounds and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

The matches will be run on the store’s LCD HDTV’s and depending on the number of expected entrants may be run downstairs where we have much much more open room for play. We have 8 LCD HDTV’s set up downstairs as well so either way will work out the same.

Also if anyone is willing to bring their PS3 to this we would greatly apprecate it! The store only has one PS3 to use so we would need a few more for BB and SF4.

If I forgot to mention anything or you have any questions or concerns just let me know so I can clarify things. Thanks and I hope to see you all there!

Matches will be captured in 720p HD by Heart of Battle and posted here:


Should be able to make this one. Good shit.

Not sure if I can make it this time, but we’ll see.

I hope I see even more people from the NY/LI SF scene at this. I’m looking to do this at the very least monthly. In September I’ve already got a SF4/ MVC2 Tournament in the planning stages that I’ll be posting up soon. Since it’ll be on XBL and PSN soon I’m hoping that’ll bring some new people out to play.

I’ll be there, and ill fail it up harder than last time.

Edit: Ill bring my PS3 and SFIV

we might do BB on 360 and SF4 on PS3 since we’ve already got copies of BB for 360 and I’d like to devote the PS3 to SF4. I’ll keep you guys updated.

bump since there’s no stickies right now

Ill be attending…If I bring my PS3 and copy of BB can we do BB on PS3 instead?..any discount on tourney fees for those bringing set ups?:looney:

Sure. If you bring your PS3 and BB then we’ll run it on PS3. I dont think my boss would allow that haha. But you will have my eternal gratitude. :smiley:

i might try to come to this one as well for bb :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to see pics of the basement we’re playing in I have them. I dont think I’
m allowed to post them in here since its not an image forum. But I assure you that the setup is sick.

i dont see why you cant post them since its in relation to the tourn

Alright. Well here are a few pictures of our downstairs setup.

that set up is sexy

nice i like it!! i realized that i wont be able to make this cuz its on a friday and i dont get out of work till 3:30

Thats alright. I’m also hosting another house tournament in Medford a few days before this with a later signup time. Ill be doing SF4,SF3,BB,and KoF12. Anyone interested in coming to this PnT tourney should also come to my house tournament.


Bump due to lack of sticky

Just need to figure out my stick situation. Damn PS3!

Ive got a PS3 Stick for use. It’s not as good as my TE but its a Hori and not a bad stick at all.