[8/14] LI NY Smithtown PnT SF4/BlazBlue Tournament

Thanks to everyone for coming on out to this. I was completely surprised by the turnout and I’m psyched for the next tournament I’ll be holding at the Smithtown PnT. The only thing I hate about doing this at my job is that I’m not allowed to get in on the action =(. But anyway, here are the results!


iloveu joe
Scrubmasta K

iloveu joe

GGs to all Yea Gill is right In BB Der didn’t play that but diff Gill the sfIv gill lol. I need to stat playing more once I get my sht together I’ll prob head to CF every Weekend.

yeah i hate the TE stick with a passion … i have allready order my converters that will work with my stick so next tourn i will be able to play :slight_smile:

Good, I wanna fight your Noel next time. I’m learning Litchi just so she could get her hands off the Panda.

It was fun, but I really, really, hate Squiggly/Arakune with passion. ;___;

I def had a good time there and will try and come to the next pnt tourney…