8/15 Richmond, VA PNT Results SF4/MvC2

Street Fighter 4
1st MooseHummel (BX)
2nd Ryry (SG, AK)
3rd Renegade (ZA)
4th Brandon (AK)
5th Foomy (SK)
5th Ariez (GE, BL)

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st Ryry
2nd Foomy
3rd Renegade
4th Ariez
5th Gamma
5th JB (Blackstar)

Hey I used dhalsim twice two :). Grrrr

and lost with him twice. owned.

GGs today everyone.

Robin - well done sir

Moose - thx for the casuals. good luck to you, ryry and eric k

ryan - thx for the food

im guessing only 5 people entered marvel

Hey! I was there asshole.

Overall I think it was like 10 or 11 people?

Here’s all the footage I managed to get. I meant to get a lot more but I kept getting distracted to catch any set fully except for the grand finals of Marvel.

Renegade vs Ariez

Foomyjin vs Ariez

Grand Finals Set: RyRy vs Foomyjin

i couldn’t make it ill try to make the next if there is another

damn, looks like i woulda won another one, gs guys.

2 white people in top 3?!? unheard of

team va will wreck shit at summer jam btw:)

Yes two white people in the top 3. It was good to see some of the locals actually coming to this event. I will try and make it to more of these events. Good seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time.

Not surprised!

The Blackstar has come a long way since Soul Calibur 2.

because no one from NoVA came.

it wouldve been

  1. Nova
  2. Nova
  3. Nova
  4. Nova
  5. whoever else.

You must defeat New Jersey to stand a chance.


marvel brings out true rage… if only i wasnt white, i would be amazing