[8/16/03]CF tourny results


started kinda late sinc the train just started working again, so heres the results and teams used:

1st-Infinite "mag/cable/sent(a)"
2nd-MMMasterSTE "Megaman/cable/backheart"
3rd-DragonStatus "mag/cabl/sent(a),storm/sent/cable, mag/cable/psy, and msp i think"
4th-George \ he real ironman\ “mag/ironman/psy”

were gonna have to work on this being on time thing.

ps.freddy vs. jason is that shizzle



So True:lol: :lol:

Infinite is too good at raw Switching his chars safely!!!:rolleyes:


nice infinite, so i guess you are in nyc for good? is craig and xander still playing mvc2?


good shit mike and steve…imma try come through for the other ones when i get back from GA…


GOOD JOB!! -=Infinte=- :)!!


No more Chumpzilla for you.