(8/17/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #70

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Sanford (Sagat, C. Viper)
2: Josh Wong (Guile, Boxer, Gouken)
3: Dr Chaos (Ken)
4: CyborgCop
5: Rolento13
5: Mike Infinite
7: KDZ
7: Ryder
9: Kazi
9: Liston
9: Riyo
9: Noel FUCKING Brown
13: Kyo Police
13: Chris Matrix
13: DemonEyes
13: Rain Maker DR
17: Chemist4Hire
17: Quotes
17: Dave Destruction
17: Spektrum
17: SKM
17: CJ
17: RonStoppable
17: MarcstaR
25: 6 Buttons
25: Joe Lewis
25: Raj
25: Bik44
25: Polo
25: Puccabuki

Good shit to Mike for almost making it!

cyborg cop yeaaaa

Surprised Arturo didn’t have a chance to make it out this week.
Hoping to make the trip for next week’s tournament to see where I rank. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Quality shit Reggie.

Thanks! Not bad for not being in the scene for a long time :slight_smile:


lol EVERYONE COME TO IT <3<3<3<3 :slight_smile:

Profound sadness =((((

I wanna come down tuesday for my favorite homegirls birthday! <3 kyo police!!

Also this was the only episode of power rangers I witnessed where the puddies won.

Videos are now up…

Shoryuken - The Break SSF4 Weekly #70 - (Dunellen, NJ)

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Nerd josh is now the funniest man ALIVE!:china:

WTF :xeye: jersey getting raped (not like I could do anything about it) but what about my hopes and dreams and the faith i put into you sluts.

Is no one going to say anything about something that was built for human habitation this week either :crybaby: ?¿

What? No responses to my videos? You guys suck…

Btw, videos should be even higher quality this week.

I’ll bite; Videos were greatly appreciated, Jax. I rarely get the chance to see the stream live, but I enjoy watching the matches themselves.

Looking forward to coming out there on Sept. 21st!