8/19/07 Sega Club CvS2 3on3 Results

1st Gunter, AO, BAS
2nd “Team Champion” Nuki, Tokido, INO
3rd Yamatei, Pinokio, Yoshio

Videos can be found here:

thanks a lot for results and vids it looks like gunter did pretty well this time around :tup:

you got AO vs Pinokio twice

congrats to Gunter for 1st place…:tup:

You can view the vids on my YouTube page also : http://www.youtube.com/GunterJPN

BTW, after the team tourney they held a singles tourney (single elim). I used Yama and got peaced out by AO in my first match. AO took 2nd to BAS. I took no footage during that tourney because Miu was already stressed enough as it was from my taking footage during the team tourney.


Thanks for what you guys took though!

yo man good recordings. good placing also

Good shit Gunter!

Thanks for the vids again, and congrats on 1st :)!

CvS2 Revival! Thanks for all of the vids and congrats.

Yeah I was always skeptical about the role of videos in promoting the scene, but I’m actually considering joining CVS2 at EVO now. It just looks so damn fun