8/2 515 Get Down SF4 Results - Des Moines, IA

Tourney was changed to winner-take-all

1: Grog - Honda/Sim ($200 cash + tix)
2: Brian - Ryu/Guile/Claw
3: Vong - Sagat
4: David K - Ryu
5: Chris - Dictator
5: Sonny - Sagat/Abel/Rufus/Gief/Boxer… can’t remember the rest
7: Go Sang - Cammy (?)
7: pbj - Chun (huge hole in heart where pride used to be :crybaby:)
9: David`G - Chun
9: Curtis - Boxer
9: David C - Sagat/Ryu
9: Jesse
13: KO
13: Joe
13: Allen
13: Van
17: Gaiden
17: Sith
17: Jonny
17: Poon
17: Moot
17: love
17: Josh G
17: Josh
25: Jared
25: Mike
25: Luke

A very impressive showing, overall. Great job all non-srkers who managed to beat us. Shows us just how much we’ve been slacking.

Good shit grog, hopefully I will be able to make the next one.

Thanks man, good games to everyone I played and props to Ake for organizing this.

Yep. Wanted to send my thanks to Ake for the event as well. It was my first tournament and it was quite enjoyable. And hey, someone got to walk away $195 richer, sans the cost of band-aids.

Hey, I want to thank you all for coming. It was great to actually see good players from Iowa doing there thing. Thanks for posting up the results pbj_mixxa. I’ll be posting those up on my site. 2nd and 3rd got something too, but you my friend won the big bucks.

People have been asking about a next tournament which may happen again. I’m wanting more prizes and money as well as more sponsors. I’ll worry about that later.

I was really happy to see that people got hyped.

Grog, Sunny thank you for helping out you made my life easier yesterday.

pbj was also instrumental, and I gave him a ride so that makes me an asset in some small way.

The hype was good. Would’ve been nice if fellows stuck around, but eh, oh well.

Oh, not at all. All I did was provide a laptop for the brackets, run almost the entire bracket from around top 16 whilst making sure both systems had a match going on at all times despite players running off when I explicitly told them that their match was next, and provide a converter for one of the three available sticks. That’s not much at all!

You’re right. Nevermind.

pbj_mixxa: Thanks again you helped a lot. I got a call from one of the promoters saying that one of the managers from Allplay said we can do another one and it seems we may have another in a couple months.

This time there will not be another game, just Street Fighter.

Also, I hoped everyone had a good time… I’ll try to post up some of the footage I captured. I re-watched it and it’s kinda off colored I don’t think I white-balanced it well. Anyway you’ll see it soon. Thank you everyone.

I’m still impressed at the turnout you were able to pull with JUST people from Des Moines.

Also tell some of the guys who placed higher to post on here so we can get them in on our gaming sessions. :tup:

Good shit Grog!

Great event trucloudy. If any of you want to practice let me know. I placed 4th. I only know how to play one character though, so I don’t know how much anyone can learn from that. Congrats to all the winners.

The more the merrier.

That’s the Iowa thread. Welcome.