8/21 CTF Post-Evo Toruny Results

here are the results for mvc2

1st-Sanford “bust yo ass n walk away cuz im the shit” Kelly (mss-a,santhrax)
2nd-Brandon “The Random Passion” DeSheilds (mss-a)
3rd-Desmond “3rd place evo curse” Pinkney (santhrax,matrix)
4th-Javier “im from sunnyside” Chorrillos (mss-a, storm/cable/cammy)

5th-Michael “imo, i suck” Williams (Row)
5th-Julien “im good at every game” Robinson (blackheart/cable/tron, cable/sent/doom)

*loser finals 3-1 brandon
*grand finals 4-3 sanford
*thanks to philly for comin out
*ill give big eric 5sec. to knock me out on the floor for 100$
*i saw some random stuff but i forgot what it was
*cvs2 takes forever
*xmen vs street fighter is fun until u get hit, and thats y marvel 2 is good
*next month is the 200$ pot tourny + secret guest :slight_smile:

~Born to Play~

Now this really doesn’t make sense. How random is this that I was writing the samething you were writing and post 2 minutes apart. :confused:

post all of the results micheal i want see everyone’s name say how people entered and stuff

Damn sorry I couldn’t make it. I came after the thing ended. Great to see Philly come through.


it’s funny how Sanford said he was gonna retire (for the 9999 time) from MVC2 after Jwong won evo 2k4, but he’s still playing it.
I guess nobody can truely retire from this game lol

Doesnt seem as if I missed much, I decided to skip this one, needed my Z’s

PASSION!! :slight_smile:

Good shit to everyone, hope to see you guys at break.

Why did Rahsaan enter this tourney?!? :rolleyes:

yea he did, he got tied for 9th with smoothviper,matrix and someone else. he lost to javier in the winners and dragongod in the losers :frowning: for his reasons

WOW, congrats to Sanford! grandfinals were very close?

good job passion…

The Passion is the 3rd best in the world. i told desmond i liked passion 10$ and he glitched out of the arcade and hes supposed to be the master hustler! best way to hustle somebody you cant beat it to just not play them i guess. DIH!

Haha! Whatever you say guy. Why don’t you back him a $100 1st to 10 this Sunday at the Break. Will see who is running away then.

Damn! The PASSION is the truth! He was 1 game away from taking it to another set. :wow: Sanford and Demon Hyo are both MONSTERS and I know those finals must have been SICK!! Those 2 always have some crazy intense matches, sanford kelly = PRESIDENT and it’s so hard to take president out of power, DAMN! HAHAHAHA!

Desmond, you got snapped the fuck out :clap: :d: :lk: :lk: :asstb: =ROCKET PUNCH assist :qcf: :asstb: PASSION style. Hit the :s: pad nigga. :rofl:

No hard feelings though desmond, you know we still cool. :bgrin: It’s just marvel talk.

Hustling people in video games must make you feel like the shit huh? I say we have ‘rock/paper/scissors’ tourney. That shit is intense cuz you can lose at any moment!!! BANG!! rock breaks scissors!! YOU LOSE!!

just saying wussup to Brandon and Josh…AND FUKKING BRYHEEM??!

Brandon: your name is "pad"sion…
Josh: i don’t have your twenty…you must be mistaken me for someone who owes you money :smiley:
Bryheem: how many nigga’s you had to AHVB with cable to get a computer?!!! Go Team American Dreams!!

i thought you were a hustler. a hustler cant hustle somebody he cant beat. take the loss and sleep with it. no need to lose anymore. god its like people from new york just cant take a loss, they gotta run their mouths. anyways, whatever money i have on me i’ll bet. bring your bankroll nigga. you must have like a hundred-thousand dollars from marvel bets judging by the way you talk.

WTF are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about the loss. I’m just talking about the bet.

:nunchuck: TY.