[8/21] The Best Of The Beast Coast 2vs2 Team Tournney #1 Live+Record Philadelphia/PA

Where: 214 s.42nd st Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Two blocks from University Pinball Arcade)

When: 8/21 Friday

What: SF4 2vs2 Teams

This is our new weekly tournament of Philadelphia!!!

If there are high demands of singles, I will consider about singles too

Maximum 16 teams CAP!!!

Every Single match of the Tournament will be live streamed and recorded

check out the quality of live streamed and recorded matches through justin.tv

Live Stream address
http://en.justin.tv/evildrakefang using direct input from the TV with cloud sound include
http://en.justin.tv/drakefang using Webcam with cloud sound include

Recorded Matches Archives: http://en.justin.tv/evildrakefang/all and http://en.justin.tv/drakefang/all

SF4 Sign up starts at 7:30pm, Tournament starts at 8pm sharp
(late comers start in the losers bracket)

If you can’t make it on time, call me ahead of time and text me your team tag, names and location(i.e Evildrakefang, One, PA),

to 215-776-6676

If any pre-registered team does not show up on the tournament day without notice,

the team(and players) won’t be able to pre-register the next tourney.

Pre-register guarantees you a spot in the 16 cap

Entrance fee: $10 ($20 per team)

Venue fee: $3 per head

Prize: Winner takes all the pot!!!

Casual Free play starts at 4pm, Free sodas(Coke, Sprite etc)

Free play setup available for Xbox360

Free play setup available for PS3

!!!Xbox360/TV donators get $5 discount for their entree!!!

Set up: XBOX 360 only

BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller!!)

You can pause the game by mistake, but if you did on purpose to mess up your opponent’s attack, you’ll be DQed
(in winners bracket -> losers bracket, losers bracket -> go home :D)

No matter who you are, you got 5mins once your name is called for matches. After 5mins, you’ll get DQed.
(If you don’t want this, leave your cell phone number so I can contact you when your matches are up)

Character will be locked through tournament!!!

and of course, no duplicate(ken, ken)

Double Elimination: Single match per player, best two out of three rounds

Winners, Losers Final: Best 2 out of 3 matches

Grand Final: Best 2 out of 3 matches

Again, this tournament is 16 teams cap.

There will be no available spot once pre-register lists are filled.

Pre-register teams list:

  1. Team Brandon - Demon. Hyo(Brandon), Brandon. E(Dr.chaos)
  2. Team Justice - KL Justice, Mike B
  3. Team Korea - Jim, One
  4. Team ? - Matt, Bryan
  5. Team Kattermari - Zack, Sean

Bracket and match videos
click the score, then click the winner’s name for match videos

Any suggestions?

Team Brandon Signing up! :smokin:

Double trouble ftw!:nunchuck:

Character select rule updated

Team Justice - Signing up
KL Justice and Mike B

Bracket and match videos test

I’ll try to make it

Yea, try teams this week but then after that it should be SF4 singles for now on… Then that best of the best tournament you trying to do at the end of each month based off of the top placers from each singles.

this sounds like fun but friday nites don’t work for this guy…

sorry it just cuts in on my drinking time…

Jgermeister!! :nono:

Chug chug chug!!!

One day Philadelphia will have PS3 tournaments so people like me can use their non 360-modded controller/sticks.

We wll the 22nd lol lol

Yo One, me and my buddy Sean from MD are gonna team up for this. Put us down.

Team name?

Damn. I am guaranteed a top 4 spot if One’s in my team! :blush:

I have been practicing match ups though.
Our name should be Team Korea.

I suggest Uglyslob/Oliver go with his crazy-ass Viper. Then him and Peter can create team Communist Red (China)

Both tournaments I’m running this month will be WINNER TAKES ALL!!!

now lets see… :smiley:

you can drink in my house just don’t throw up on my xbox lol

and if you need I can give you a ride

can’t wait for this + summer jam.

need team