8/22/09 Miami Ranbat!

Thank you for everyone who came out:

SF4 Results:

1 Manny - Hyperblast (Gief) 16 points
2 Richeal - ZeroG (Sagat) 8 points
3 Carlos - Juniorv376 (Rufus) 9 points
4 Jo - simplyph33r (boxer) 11 points
5 Arturo (honda) 3 points
5 Andrew - G1itch (Blanka) 1 point
7 Xavier - Blanco Nino (Abel) 1 point
7 ReggieRob (Gen) 1 point

SF4 2v2 random teams:

  1. Manny/ Jo Grey
  2. Andrew/ Richeal
  3. Albert (I do better in solo man teams than singles)

Current Standings:

Manny - Hyperblast (Gief) 16 points
Jo - simplyph33r (Bolrog) 11 points
Carlos - Juniorv376 (Rufus) 9 points
Richeal - ZeroG (Sagat) 8 points
Arcenio - Pyrotron83 (Bison) 6 points
Evelio (Chun li) 4 points
Arturo (honda) 3 points
Lexy (Ryu) 1 point
Andrew - G1itch (Blanka) 1 point
Xavier - Blanco Nino (Abel) 1 point
ReggieRob (Gen) 1 point

Good shit again… solid turnout for a less than 1 week notice Ran bat

Ah fuck I knew there was another tourny. I was waiting across the way for my ride and I saw you guys collecting money again.

I’ll get top 8 next week, I swear it!

GG at ranbats, My first Tourny and I got owned. But you live and learn and next time I would be on top 8 cubanned.:rofl:

lol Team OCV I had to redeem my Bison somehow.It’s nice to see new blood and wide variety of chars.

where are these ranbats held, i would love to stop by n own all of u lol

I was playing all nervous(first time i really got 2 play in a tournament) thinking i’m gonna get owned with gen’s low hp and risky play style but it wasn’t that bad. The tournament was tight work and i will become a normal at fr now. :cool:

You Did good Reggie… for being your first time you performed Solid. good to know we about another Gen player to practice with… welcome to the show

Also junior, I was impresed with the Run you had in the winners… im glad I saw someone different make it there for a change and a Rufus at that, Looking forward for more practice with you,

Richel dont worry Peter is coming soon

Sagat losing to Geif…


lol @ simplyph33r getting in there…I see you lolol.

Been a while since the kaillera days :nunchuck: gs Jo

I cant wait to catch you… :rofl:

you aint gonna catch me unless you can jump through fireballs lol

good shit though on taking first place bro, you’ll get another chance at me one day =p

thats first place twice in a row at the ranbats, and i dont need to jump fireballs… to get to you :wink:

Ooo money match:rofl:

Thanks, =D Yeah the Gief match is one I need some solid practice on.
Gief/Sagat seem to be 2 of my hardest matches as Rufus. -_-… I feel stumped and don’t know what to do. I know its a mental mistake and I get all jammed. Maybe with more practice against those 2 I can get better at them. =)

Tony and reggierob we should play again.

ReggieRob you took me(Blanka) out in losers