8/22/09 Weekly Miami Ranbat!

Game: Street Fighter 4
Side game for the day: Third Strike!!!

Where: Final Round Arcade
Mall of the Americas next to the AMC movie theater.
7795 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33144

When: Saturday 08/22/09
Sign up will be at 2:00 PM. (guys is this a better time to run the tournament?)
Tournament starts at 3:00 PM.

Rules: All characters are legal.
No one can switch characters throughout the tournament.
You must stay with the original character you picked at sign up. This does not mean you cannot switch throughout the season.
Standard 2/3 rounds. 2/3 matches. (same for loser’s)
Grand finals will be 2/3 rounds and 3/5 matches if agreed by both players. (2/3 matches is encouraged)

Double elimination - if you don’t know what that might be check this:

How it works: Each weekly ranbat will have the day’s pot of one (1) dollar from each player. Winner takes all.
And, each ranbat will take in one (1) dollar for the season’s total prize.
That will be split: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 20%, and 3rd - 10%

Fees: $5 gets you in the door. $1 for that day’s pot. $1 for the season’s total pot.

Point system: Only top 8 will receive points

* 1st - 8 points
* 2nd - 7 points
* 3rd - 6 points
* 4th - 4 points
* 5th - 3 points
* 6th - 1 point

Spread the word and sign up to see what we can look forward to.
BlazBlue may also be held as a ranbat! Need people to post up if they want this!
Get Hyped!

Third Strike

Rules: Gill is not legal

Matches will be 2/3. Double elim.

Payout: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 20%, 3rd 10%

Fees: $5 to play.

Current Standings:

Manny aka Hyperblast (Gief) 8 Points
Jo Grey (Rog) 7 Points
Arcenio aka Pyrotron83 (Bison) 6 Points
Evelio (Chun) 4 Points
Carlos (Rufus) aka Juniorv376 3 Points
Lexy (Ryu) 1 Point
Richeal aka ZeroG (Sagat) 1 Point
Cris C. (Fuerte) 1 Point

lol top 8 get points yet only up to 6th gets 1 point. nice point system their andrew. :lol:

Don’t be mad that you’ll never get one point. :lovin:

The reason why its only up to 6th is as faollows:

1st = 1 person
2nd= 1 person
3rd= 1 person
4th = 1 person
5th = 2 people
7th = 2 people

Hence only the top 6 finishing place which equates to the top 8 people overall.

Lets do this, make Marvel the side tourny next time =), that shit is crack.

Edit the first post to include the current people with points and update the points totals on every new thread. So everyone can see how many people have week to week

I might make this, finally. D:

Fuck you guys and your fri sats homos

When are you free?

Chew’s always free if you know what i mean :lovin:

3S side tourney?? WOOOHOOO!! FREE MONEEYYYY!!

I think this time is better, people can deal with there Friday hangover’s better.

I am not sure if more people would like it, but I think weekday ranbats may work.

I can finally make it to this. Gotta level up though.

Luckily for you New York will be in the building for this tourny. What else do they have at the arcade?

CvS1, Third Strike, Alpha 2 and 3, MvC2, SF4, ITG2 , KI 1 and 2, we till have no luck on CvS2.

Ithought there was also BB?

There is BB. There is no BB tournament on this day.
Their aren’t enough people for it as of yet.

Oh that’s great since my sister plus BB. What are some good food places down in the area? I’m coming with my gf and my sister/bf.

What are you looking for? After the tournament we all go eat so if you guys want to come, follow us.

Hmm in the areas there is a shit-ton of places to eat. In the mall aswell as outside,

Inside its some of the nirmal mall food. Subway, and asian place, and others.

Outisde you have the fastfood palces. McD’s BK, TB, KFC, Pizza hut ect. and lots of restaraunts in the area, hooters, falnigans, Longhorn, larios(Cuban food) and a few others,

iJunior niggas - fuck google maps

I was thinking REAL food. See you guys tomorrow