(8/22/10) "The Rice Bowl" Results!


I’m HackerMike…and these are the “Rice Bowl” results!!!

1: KDZ (Abel, Rufus)
1: MarlinPie (Cammy)
3: Quotes (Dudley)
4: Frantastic
5: Pungza
5: Riyo
7: JonnyDigital
7: Love Me Wanton
9: Edward
9: Victor
9: HackerMike
9: Chemist4Hire
13: Kayoto
13: RainMakerDR
13: DemonEyes
13: DarthArma
17: Jeff Sledge
17: Cool Rain
17: Dom
25: Kreatzionz


GGs to all. Amazing venue and yummy rice bowls lol. Tough matches we had, Quotes. lol

See ya’ll on Tuesday.


ggs riyo and everyone, hard wins are hard =/

teriyaki chicken bowl ftw


those chairs sucked


lollll then bring your ownnnnn <3 ( i prefer sitting on the floor anyways )


I had a great time the venue was awesome and the food was amazing. The tournament ran really fast though it started really late.

Thank you for hosting this :tup: :lovin:


great tournament!!!


i was fine w/ em


They were a lot better than other venues.


I had a good time, though I do feel bad for dirtying the dining room of your nice restaurant.


its no problem, wasn’t as messy as I thought it might possibly end up, s’all good


the amount of setups was pretty fucking dope too, buffet gonna b tight


yeah its on track for buffet, but still in the works- i’m actually gonna try to get some more TVs /consoles set up