8/22 CVS @ The Break Results!


Phi said he was prolly not going to post these and I know everyone wants to know what happened (you know been hitting refresh non stop waiting for these) so I decided to post them

  1. Robert “random poke, super” Sigley K Balrog or Terry/Sagat/Blanka A Ken/Sakura/Rugal
  2. Jerry “Blanka/Sagat/Other” Hong N Blanka/Sagat/Vega or Ryu
  3. Phi “80% mental 20% skill” Long Nguy etc. Random/Random/Yamazaki
  4. “Sexy” Ken Meadows K/C Haohmaru, Balrog, Sagat
  5. James “I know I’m 3 hours late but can i still enter” Sorge N Hibiki/Bison/Sagat

finals were 2-0,2-1 phi let me take his place in the finals prolly cause he felt bad for forcing me to do triple random and he gets top teir/top teir/vice and i get low teir/low teir/i didn’t even know she was in this game everytime. Guess these results prove R1 Sagat/R2 Blanka > R1 Blanka/R2 Sagat

Was about 17 people in the tournament dunno exact number

quote of the night; “maybe you should retire rob” - jerry after me loosing to phi before me beating him 2-0 2-1 in the finals :wink:

i dunno the mvc2 results i just know ken and vince got 1st/2nd

oh well hope to see everyone at philly this weekend but I think only me and Starbury are gonna be repping Jersey :eek:


Shit nice turnout 17 people. I really wanted to be there, but couldnt’. Well there’s always next time. Yeah Rob represent with the A-Groove and “Hold that shit!” :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I get for having to work night shifts, grrrrrrr

Maybe we can get weekend tournaments going? God, sometimes I hate 4-12 shifts (lucky I got out at 8 today and only got there by doing 70-75 on the Garden State Parkway in a 65 and 55 MPH zone)



dont forget mvc2 fucker!! hahaha

  1. me (Ken) sexy, watever u may call me I dont know
  2. Vin
    dont kno who got 5th and frankly i dont care hahahaha
    alot of teams were used, alot of faces bashed in

Im up 2-1 in the winners final… Phi says
Ken want it to be best of 3 or 5? shrug ask sum1 not playing
Then Vin chimes in “any have a quarter?” Phi “OK 2 outa 3” (resets machine) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
But Vin got his 3 matches in the losers final vs Shawn
Lets just say Shawn LOVES blackheart…:lol:

EDIT :: opps, kinda read over the part where u said some mvc2 results…lolol yea…im retarded


funny…i thought it was only cvs2…NOT! MVC2 tonight…oh well…


Since when was CvS2 popular among the Jewish population?


It was suppose to be CVS2 but there wasn’t enough people for it so Phi said he’ll hold MVC2 if those people play CVS2 also


Me:) , hey rob let me take your place on the team mvc2 tourney with shawn and des.


go for it killerviet i don’t play it anyway, any chance Shawn could stay with unless he’ll be sleeping in his car :slight_smile:


Umm ill try but you know its really packed already but i will see what canada says about it and there numbers. what time you comin today?


shawn’s picking me up at the break at 2 prolly get there like 4-4:30

ok he told me to ask i told him it was packed already tho have to see how big the room is i guess :slight_smile:






i love blackheart


Its the POWERFUL ONE! NJ’s Finest! I also heard rumors that are you are going to become an alumni in my alma mater. Keen gear!



Im not a jew O_o im a fucking natzi u fool…bwahahaha


Re: Re: 8/22 CVS @ The Break Results!

I hope I die on the first day of school :bluu:

You wish…


I could’ve gotten top 4…But oh well, someone didn’t get the Franklin crew…:confused:


If I had known about this tournament, I would have gone. If Jerry got second, I could have at least gotten second, and possibly won (don’t know anything about Rob). If only I had known about this stupid tournament announcement site beforehand, I’d be basking in APEX points today. Instead, I’m stuck in Flushing using Dan to wreak havoc at the Flushing tournament. Not that everyone there sucked, I’m just saying that it would have been nice to beat people up at a larger tournament.

Ah well, no use complaining now. I know about this site and now I’ll be at as many tournaments as possible, and I intend to win (or place). Show me the money!

So when is the next CVS2 Break tourney? Or the next NY-area tourney for that matter?


When’s the next CVS2/ST/anything but MVC2 tourny?


Come to philly on saturday, best comp in the area.