8/22 GVN Summer Jam Results Philly, Pa

Results added as they happen

SF4 Teams:

1st Team Chapanicans- Issei (AK), Javitz (BX), Chris Hu (RY) (lost to team VA in Finals)
2nd Team VA- Moose (BX), Eric Kim (SG), RyRy (DH) (lost to team Chap 2x)
3rd Team Nagoya Street Hold Ups- Dr Chaos (KE), MagnetoManiac (CH), Romes (RY) (lost to team Girls and team VA)
4th Team C3 LUD (CH), Eric V (RU), Renegade (ZA)- (Lost to team Nagoya 2x)
5th Team Girls Wanna Have Fun- Demon Hyo (BL), Philly One (CA), Skye Thompson (EH) (lost to Chapicans, C3)
5th Team Scoops- HAV (AB), Zohta (ZA), Skisonic (EF) (lost to VA, Nagoya)
7th Dont Fucking Jump- IloveUJoe (SG), Bmoney (ZA) Blaze 25 (DI) Lost to Scoops, C3
7th Team Baltimore- Steve Harrison (SG), Rugal B (AK), Burley

9th Team Bananas Jason, Kevin, Fatty Tass
9th Team Supreme- D’Nyce, MagnetoX, Rick Mears
9th Team 3-0 Done- Good Grief, Turkeasy, MuffinMan
9th Team Super Effective- Rugi, Tarnish, Rober rukus

13th EX Soldier Kazi, Mike D, Rolento13
13th FuckYoCouch Liston, Mike inf, rico suave
13th Anonymous Phatal ninjazephyr boemard
13th Please don’t hold Up Back GPO Moxon Diaper Bomb

17th Team Justice KL justice, Ponton, BYR
17th Team Countdown Jamal Mark, Rachel
17th Team 270485 DevilJin Inerd, Zero
17th Team PA/NJ chemistforhire, komosutro, ravvest
17th Team Unamericans blackula, DBC, Troyboy
17th Team BMW Damdai, Gran Calo, Chun
17th Team Josh Fucking Wong Josh Wong, Damien, Kattermari

** Full Blazblue results for Singles.**

1: Alzarath - Lost to no one
2: Jiyuna - Lost to 10stars and Alzarath
3: 10stars - Lost to Jiyuna and Alzarath
4: Escapingjail - Lost to Jiyuna and 10stars
5: Coma - Lost to Escapingjail and Nas
5: Nas - Lost to Jiyuna and Alzarath
7: Blazu25 - Lost to Escapingjail and Coma
7: MVA - Lost to Escapingjail and Jiyuna
9: Byron - Lost to Alzarath and Blazu25
9: Dangle - Lost to Nas and Coma
9: RogueYoshi - Lost to Chouji and Jiyuna
9: Chouji - Lost to Escapingjail and MVA
13: Gos - Lost to Byron and Blazu25
13: JTZ - Lost to 10stars and Coma
13: NinjaCW - Lost to Nas and Rogueyoshi
13: MagnetoX - Lost to Byron and MVA
17: Chewy - Lost to Alzarath and Blazu25
17: Doomie J - Lost to Chouji and Gos
17: Kensk - Lost to Jiyuna and Coma
17: Damian - Lost to Magnetox and JTZ
17: LI Joe - Lost to Dangle and Rogueyoshi
17: HBRD - Lost to Kensk and NinjaCW
17: Rich D or P? - Lost to Chouji and Magnetox
17: RyRy - Lost to Alzarath and MVA
25: Aneudee - Lost to RyRy and Chewy
25: Krazysh0t - Lost to Magnetox and Gos
25: DBC - Lost to NinjaCW and Coma
25: Leroy - Lost to Dangle and Damian
25: Chaosbreaker - Lost to 10stars and Rogueyoshi
25: St1ckBuG - Lost to Jiyuna and HBRD
25: H20 Evil - Lost to Doomie J and Rich D or P?
25: Jeff Liu - Lost to St1ckbug and MVA
33: The Hubbs - Lost to NinjaCW and Chewy
33: Komosutro - Lost to Dangle and Gos
33: Dave2J - Lost to Chewy and DBC
33: CJw Evolved - Lost to RyRy and Coma
33: Randall - Lost to Leroy and Gos
33: Crazymasterhand - Lost to LI Joe and Damian
33: Herokiller - Lost to JTZ and Rogueyoshi
33: DOJ - Lost to Blazu25 and St1ckbug
33: BBQ - Lost to Blazu25 and Jeff Liu
49: SirKaachi - Lost to Leroy and Komosutro
49: Gaygoblin - Lost to BBQ and DOJ

SF4 Singles

I just want to say i had a lot of fun at this event.

I played like absolute crap though, I must have blew my skill out on playing casuals the night before.

Nagoya street battle!

Lot of MDVA up in that. Good shit.

Good games to everyone I played in the tourney.

My friends who supported me throughout the tourney.

And the guy who posed like he was going to punch me because he lost. :rofl:


why does the title say 8/15?

GG to everyone! I had fun even though i didn’t get far. :slight_smile:

So… singles?

  1. Li Joe
  2. Moose
  3. Chris Hu


I got there at 10pm :party: :party: :party:

haha…Ravvest…na its Rawest!

where do i go to find the videos?

Scoops didn’t lose to C3.

We lost to VA and Nagoya.

Seems you would know that, considering you were on Team C3… :confused:

good shit all

i hopped on that mic for BB

really fun tournament

trip afterward had GODLIKE moments, we are unstoppable at sonic.

good shit to everyone i played. i did pretty damn well in bb today :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo man good games it was cool meeting you.

Your the arakune player right? If so good shit man good seeing you your a cool ass dude man, hope to see you in the future!

o yea random question

when will vids of top 8 and stuff show up somewhere, we wanted to fucking bounce and sleep so no one stuck around :confused: wanna watch em

tourney was awesome, nice to see the MD/VA crew rolling deep, you guys are all cool :slight_smile:
Were the team tournament matches recorded? I wanna see some of those matches and especially the match where Issei hit Eric Kim with crossup RH hurricane kick like 5 times in a row, that was really funny.