8/22 Max Out results


Good shit to all, and to all good shit for showing up. It’s good to see KC rep up for itself. NU lost YAY!!!:wgrin:

Guilty Gear

1 Axiom (SO)
2 BoxbroSG (VE)
3 Radian (DI)
5 ArkiveZero (TE)
5 Ky (KY)
7 Zer0 (PO)
7 Eugene (TE)


1 TwilightFox (Ice car)
2 ArkiveZero (RA/fatass)
3 CountSmackula (BA)
4 Radian (NU)
5 Iokain (NO)
5 Dator (LI)
7 Zer0 (TA)

Street Fighter 4

1 TwilightFox (legs)
2 Chachi (RY)
3 Axiom (RY)
4 JSpot (EL spicy)
5 hoansolo (CA)
5 BoxbroSG (CA)
7 Jessurgi (RY)
7 Eugene (GU)


1 jude (EH)
2 Chachi (DJ)
3 BoxbroSG (CA)
4 Radian (???)
5 Axiom (RY)
5 ArkiveZero (CA)

PS fuck Honda.


Damn kong taking both bb and 4 nice.
GS to axiom for getting his revenge in guilty
Of course jude won hdr, his honda is sick.

Did u guys the tv working, and how many people entered?


what was the turnout like??


About 30 people showed up, mostly for BlazBlue. Props to Wichita and Topeka crews for making the drive.

Toad’s should have the big screen by next month’s tourney, hopefully there will be other pleasant surprises as well.


I’ll get the matches I have up by tomorrow.

It was a pretty good time, I kind of dropped the ball in SF4 but I’ll try to make up for it next weekend.

Kong better hope he doesn’t have to play me in SF4 next time. I won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Good games to everybody I played, especially Chachi.

Looking forward to seeing/playing everybody again soon.


Same goes to you :tup:. I’ll have that Gen match-up ready for you.

I’ll give out props tomorrow.


Sucks I couldn’t go to both this and AR. St. Louis is about an hour closer to home, but you guys have more BB players. Don’t make me play favorites again next month. :stuck_out_tongue:


jude i wanna play u some time in hdr


I’ll let you know when I’m up your way again. Probably will be around Green Bay for a while after this semester is over.

Vids are uploading it just takes forever. Somebody needs to get a good camcorder that has a better battery. Doing video on my camera drains it fast, or I would have gotten a lot more matches. If anybody knows who any of the ??? names are let me know.

SF4 TwilightFox (Chun) vs Jude (Gen)


SF4 Finals Chachi (Ryu) vs TwilightFox (Chun)


HDR ??? (Cammy) vs Jude (Honda)


HDR Le (Blanka/Sim) vs Jude (Honda)


Chachi (Deejay) vs Jude (Honda) Winner’s Finals


Jude (Honda) vs Chachi (Sagat/Deejay) Grand Finals


That’s all I got.


Good stuff putting up vids, Jude. Didn’t realize you took that many. I’ll post shout outs later today. Gonna go out and play some games right now.


No BlazBlue vids :sad:. Tried to get my buddy to come out with his 1080p camera, but he wouldn’t have it…oh well. Thx to all the KC crew for putting this on, we had a blast. We’ll be back next month to donate more money!


Great tournament guys. Enjoyed hanging with the KC crew as usual, I wish you guys lived here in this city instead of 2 hours away. Too many shenanigans lol!

It’s too bad Tekken and KoF got yanked midway through. Could anyone tell me why it was? I never got a straight answer.

Props to Justin Kong taking it in Blazblue AND SFIV. I would’ve taken vids of Blazblue, but Jude’s camera ran out of memory and battery power :frowning:

Who was that Bang player!?


We ran out of time.

From what I understand, one of the bar’s owners scheduled a magician to do a show right after the tournament let out, but didn’t inform John until halfway through. We ended up losing an hour because of this, and weren’t able to finish the last two tourneys.

The owner said he would make it up to everybody. Let’s hope so, it’s a good venue for tourneys this size, and it’s hard to find a business owner around here that is actually supportive of what John and Le are trying to accomplish.

I just want the communication issues to clear up- if you’re wanting to schedule something else for later on that night, a couple of days’ advance notice would be nice.

EDIT- The Bang Player was Chris R. aka Count Smakula from Lawrence.


Make it up in what way? And magician show?? Dude, I would’ve totally stayed for that, eff playing games at John and Le’s house! :mad:


Yeah guys, I forgot to apologize for the impromptu magician show after the tournament. And sorry once again to those of you in the Tekken and KOF tournament for not being able to finish said tournament. With that in mind gg to everyone who came and we hope to see you next month.


Thanks for showing up, and with Tekken 6 on the way soon (This being the game KC is strongest in) we will be restarting the ranbat season with pot payouts for next time, beginning in October. Featured games will be : 4, BB, 6BR, and GGAC.

Also, we’re in the midst of planning a major… I’d like to get a spot at the OP convention center. STL is doing their thing in November so ours will be in either December, or January. I’ll make sure it doesn’t conflict with anyone. A lot of my own personal money (and some of our crews) will be going into the guaranteed prize pots. KC has NEVER had a major, and being so central, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. Our region deserves another one. (STL does a great job with theirs, but we’ve been wanting to throw one in KC for the last 5 years… this year, “The year of the Fighting game” is the perfect time to start planning it)

The skinny on the early cut out : One of the owners came up to me mid-way through the tournament and told me that he had accidentally planned a magician to come in and do a bday show for the other owner of the place, starting at 7 PM. The normal cut-off time for us is 8, so I was a bit startled by the news. He did NOT demand we stop, in fact he was totally willing to allow us to finish, but I didn’t think the remaining tournaments were really hype, or that anyone really cared that much anyway. He DID promise some kind of ‘way of making it up to us’. I’m assuming this means the TV will be in and running soon. So, look forward to that.

To the guys who I played in the tournament, good shit, I’ll give personal props later.

And to the ones wondering when the next event will be, we’re looking at sometime late September, but I will work with what the majority wants. I know that some people can only make it on certain dates, and whatever the majority wants, is what we will work toward.

Thanks again for the continuing support fellas. See ya next time.


Oh, and to answer Rex’s question regarding Ranbat points:


TwilightFox - 16
Rex0r - 16
JJJ - 10
Chachi - 8
AxioM - 6
NKI - 6
Warden - 4
JSpot - 3
Boxbrosg - 2
Hansolo - 2
AKS - 2
Kurasa - 2
Jessurugi - 1
Eugene - 1
Kaal - 1
KTH - 1

Twilightfox - 16
Radian - 9
ArkiveZero - 8
Count Smackula - 4
Warden - 4
Zer0 - 3
Ky_Des - 3
IoKain - 2
Dator - 2
Kurasa - 1
Pata - 1

AxioM - 22
Radian - 11
Boxbrosg - 10
Ky_Des - 10
ArkiveZero - 5
Zer0 - 3
Eugene - 2
Vincent - 2
Count Smakula - 2
Nick - 2
Inferno - 1
Chachi - 1

The season will begin anew in October. I will try to get some prizes (monetary, or otherwise) for the ranbat leaders for this season. I’m sure I can work SOMETHING out.