8/23/03 MTL JM Amusement Tourney


– CvS2 Results –

  1. Reagan “Prez” Phillips
  2. Alex “Arcadekid” Duong
  3. Mony “Smoke187” ?
  4. Veasna “Heero” Thul

– 3S Results –

  1. Alex “Arcadekid” Duong
  2. Veasna “Heero” Thul
  3. Lars “JD” Pedersen
  4. Tony “Temujin” Lentzakis

Very exciting tournament, lots of upsets and close games. First tournament at JM Amusement, biggest CvS2/3S tournament Montreal has had since the January 2003 tournament. The manager was suprised at the amount of people that showed up and he wants to do tournaments every 3-4 weeks, he also said he will add money to the pot if more than 20 people sign up for a game.

Note: I’ll post full results later, I’m too tired to go through the paper and list everyone, and I don’t even have the 3S brackets. Congratulations on Alex regaining the 3S MTL title and who will beat Prez?