8/23/03 Solano Mall Tilt results - CVS2, GGXX, MVC2, SC2, SVC, TTT

1st- Ricky Ortiz
2nd- Randy Lew "NanoBoi"
3rd- David Dial “Gunter”

1st- Randy Lew "NanoBoi"
2nd- Ricky Ortiz
3rd- Dan Thompson “Spider-Dan”

1st- Ricky Ortiz
2nd- Randy Lew "NanoBoi"
3rd- Mikey Rasphone “broly581704”

1st- JC Alegre "knockturnl76"
2nd- Dan Thompson "Spider-Dan"
3rd- Kwasi Addae “Cobra_Chi”

1st- Ricky Ortiz
2nd- Joe Le
3rd- Dan Thompson “Spider-Dan”

1st- Ricky Ortiz
2nd- Philip Antonio
3rd- Joe Le

gratz ricky

Congrats to the winners, I had a great time. I was bummed that I got knocked out before I could fight your Axl, I wanted a rematch so I could see myself lose. :smiley: And Chirs, those matches were awesome, I hope I get to fight you next time. Well, I’ll be back next time and hopefully well have less Sol users (to many Sol vs Sol matches :stuck_out_tongue: ). Later.

wow, ricky got da cash.

What were the prizes that were handed out?

The Soul calibur winner got a poster, I think every other game got tokens. Bryan also had wnba tickets for a game that night(joking?).

I must have played my shittiest cvs2 game I’ve ever played. Look out for me next time in cvs2, I’m actually practicing this time. Next tournament I’d like to get top 5 no matter who shows up.

Randy got a nice guilty gear artwork book, I gave Ricky a deck of street fighter cards, and everyone who wanted an SVC:Chaos poster got one. Oh, and JC, Dan, and Kwasi each received original arcade artwork for Soul Calibur 2 that came with the kit. More prizes will be trickling in with an announcment on an arcade board as the possible next big prize.


Ricky played GGXX? Oh my.
Did he just use Sol and pretend he was playing Ken or something?

No Ricky was mainly using Baiken then Sol. Randy was using Sol all the time while I was using just Dizzy. Dan was Axl and I think there was one more Sol player and one Johnny player.

Just in case if any of the players wanted to know who we used in SvC I’ll give ya a quick rundown.

1st place: Ricky Ortiz (Chun Li)
2nd place: Joe Le (Terry Bogard)
3rd place: Dan Thompson-Spider Dan (Demitri, Mars People)
4th place: Chris Tuvey-Yushiro (Shiki)

One player uses Genjuro and Geonitz while George was using Iori and Geese. There also was one more player that uses Terry but I don’t know his name.

rickys a game genius. by the way hook it up wit da marvel teams info. i know for sure randy used scrub.

mvc2 teams.

the lews used scrub-
anthony used storm, sent, cc-
i dont remember what ricky used-
mikey used sent, storm, cc-
i used mag, sent, dd/ spiral, stri, dd/ spiral, cable, dd-