1: Team Black Money (Keno + Mike Ross)
2: Team West Coast Warzone Ambassadors (John Rog + Kai)
3: Team Win Chun (KillerKai + ComboJack)
4: Team Yebmonic (Yeb + nemonic)
5: Team DAT KOOLAID (G3rald + Alexman)
5: Team TRAGIC HERO ?(???) (Shglbmx + Tatsu)
7: Team Free (Killabyte + Sallabout08)
7: Team Raging Opera (unprotectedSEX + neREMIXED)
9: Team Without Papers Minus Crochet (KSexy + LCAST)
9: Team Taco Tiger (Marco Polo + djFrankfresh)
9: Team Skratchiebots (Skratchiechan + Pimpbot9000)
9: Team Dark Mexican Plus One (Jokersss + Repulse)
13: Team Cartel (Mr. Hangover + TSOTheodore)
13: Team Vortex (MAKU + Casper)
13: Team Duoshock (VuTeK + Jimichu)
13: Team Kuizy Ef Mania (SeikuRyu + Kuizzy Ef Baby)
17: Team Watchu Know?! (J.Flo + Pnoy)
17: Team Whatever (JeremyChance + ChongWang)
17: Team 4339 (SkyOhKen + EssBeeDee)
17: Team Rice and Beans (Eric L. + Will B.)
17: Team Smack-a-Ho (IceTrap + Big Sexy)
17: Team Large n Chargin (zer0vital + Da Kingpin)
17: Team Thatswhatshesaid (CdefG + Edmond)
25: Team Dhampir (Vanrushal + SlappySlaps)
25: Team PackageMAN (Sherryjenix + Anna)
25: Team SP8R (kingSP8R + SP8_2K)
25: Team Last Minute Pick (Daft + iMac980)

Although we had 4 SD teams and 4 LA/OC teams in the top 8, the LA/OC took home that fight money.

Since we ended at a good time, I have time to do shoutouts now before i forget to do them later:

@Sallabout08 : way to go, thanks for helping me setup and oh yeah the OCV were nice…I still got to play though!

@kui,louie,sam,kevin : thanks for generously providing your consoles for use.

@christine of the box arena : the lovely voice of SD, helping me run the tournament when my team was playing. thanks a lot!

@calmwarrior : “bitch i’ve been doing tournaments for 5 years. no wait, more.” LOL thats all i gotta say, thanks for helping with the outdoor bracket and the shit talking.

@john rog/kai : great meeting you guys personally. You guys are a lot of fun, looking forward to more good times at warzone. lots more good times. :slight_smile:

@combojack/killerkai : was great to formally meet you guys also. combojack that sagat is beast. but outside of sf4, youre fucking HILARIOUS. i was dying.

@mike ross/keno : meeting you guys was great too. you guys are always awesome to be around and i finally played mike ross. lol. sorry man its just that everytime i visit homie working at gamestop, youre just always there on the TV LOL. didnt get to play you though keno :frowning:

@ the tragic heroes : ?(??? ) is all i gotta say. good shit, thanks for coming out guys! always a lot of fun with you guys around too. shgl, was wondering if i could come out to the next weds session, lemme knoww

@ SANDIEGO : thanks for coming out and supporting CVC. With turnouts like these, I’ll be willing to organize more and better tournaments.!

Thanks again for everyone that came out!

P.S. I played Guile with Sallabout08’s Balrog

photos and videos to be posted within the week!

why cant i put the title in caps :frowning:

woo go AI!

the only way you can put it in all caps is if theres at least one other thing not in caps

good lookin out shoo

ah i wish i went to this. good job you guys

this event was sooo official, ask those casual players about that sakura!
finals we’re comedy, dude sounded like he wasn’t even tryin to play against ross.

and lol at “lacey why are you still here?” “I’m not watching the finals… I just want my playstation”


KENOOO, get on starcraft

GG’s today to everyone I played.

i was that asian guy with the pony tail in the blue vneck playing the orange alternate costumed balrog

shoutouts to

-Combojack for wrecking my face. i’m used to being AA’ed from a distance with RH and i woudl try to stuff it with j.fierce but those kara uppercuts were on point and completely mindfucked me. i need to level up my rog. thanks for pushing my shit in and waking me up.

-Mike Ross, your honda is beastly man. i’m glad i got to play you and i’m glad i actually got to take 2 rounds. good shit for taking first place

-Keno, i didn’t get to play you but watching you is always a delight with your insane reaction times. good shit for taking first place, and that boxing match with john rog was hilarious. hopefully next time, probably at WCW, i can ask you some questions about my play as boxer.

-Tatsu and Shglbmx i only got to play you guys once but it’s always a pleasure playing great players, thanks for giving me the opportunity. vega still trips me out. and blanka’s constant hop mixups totally mindfuck me

-good shit to Kris for hosting the tournament. we’ll be at WCW :slight_smile:

-everyone who came down, thanks for coming guys, i’m looking forward to WCW, hopefully i level up before then and can try to represent SD.

good shit to SD though for showing up today.

oh and fuck the whole no AC thing ;/ it was facking hot!

Mannnn, does Keno and Ross need another TE? (I do) :slight_smile:

Killabyte, you really know how to throw a dope ass tourney. I’d be happy to come down more often if the drive wasn’t so damn far. GGs to everyone I played. Yeb is too slick. See you all at AI

Thanks Killabyte for allowing me to take pictures for the event! GG’s to all who competed. I will be editing and I’ll let you guys know when they will be posted. Got to edit a few! Thanks!

Thanks to running a great tournament and floating us in the end. It totally made the event a lot more worth while to go to. GGS everyone!

P.S. Yes, you can come to my house. Just PM me and I’ll give you my address! Try and roll down with some heads. I heard marco wanted to come down last time.

yeah!! this tournament worked out well.

wish we weren’t so late and got dq’ed -_-

me and anna will get em next time =]

thank you killabyte for making us feel so welcomed in sd, it was mad fun playing and chillin with you guys, yeb you a fucking monster with gen. keep wreckin fools, mad respects homeboy. good meeting everyone today, alexman and kody, always a pleasure. see you guys at warzone, ITS GONNA BE DA SHIT!!!

p.s. thanks again S.D. for your hospitality

Just wanna say thanks to chris for running this tourny and getting stuff done , and john rog for added extra hype with the wcw addons and of course all the la guy for driving down all of you guys were cool thanks for all the pointers and stuff.

Big thanks to all the out-of-towners who came down, you always make tourneys a lot more fun. I’m glad we got to play so many of you in the tourney. Special thanks of course to John Rog/Kai, for adding all the hype.

Great job to Killabyte for running it, I’m looking forward to more from you. GGs to everyone!

ggs to everyone i played don’t feel so bad losing to the eventual first and second place teams.

thanks to LA/OC folk for coming down to practically mexico and making this event what it was in terms of competition. i can’t believe i got a win on mike ross even if i did miss my stupid ultra x_x. john rog best normal boxer in socal!

shout outs to the thermostat being at 80 degrees even at night and to kfc for taking an hour to give people food.

i was the abel player in red or the one with the messy hair and khaki shorts. see you guys again at WCW!

Thanks to Killabyte for making this tournament soo Legit!!! Its always a great honor to battle between us SD and LA/OC players. See you guys at WCW.


@ Marco. Its all good big homie. We almost made it to Top 8 and did our best. I still managed to eat Carne Asada Fries after.

@ Keno/Mike Ross. What can I say about our first match of the day. We was stuck lol.

@ Combojack. Who would of thought that we would be good Samaritans to the community as well.

@ Gerald/Alexman. We knew sooner or later that losers bracket was gonna be tough to survive. Next time I’m going to bring my own velcro. But I’ll take that grape Kool Aid with 2 beef tacos please.

@ Nemo. Thank You For My Fight Money!!!

shoutouts to alexman, the real trooper of the night,

the man waited 20 mins for his 3 piece chicken strip meal LOL:lol:

“Sorry for the wait, here’s a complimentary cake”

“bitch i dont want no cake, i want another 3 piece chicken strip meal”