8/23&24 Japan ST national 'X-mania IV' results

We still have so many of ST fans who truly love and keep on playing this game.
Over 100 of those ST fans participated and competed this annual ST festival.

1st day-single results (66 players):
1st. Shooting-D[Ryu] (Osaka) 3w
2nd. Muteki(invincible) Guile 2w-1l
3rd. Akishima[ChunLi] 1w-2l
4th. TZW [Guile] 3l

Highlights: Osaka players had bad luck in bracket drawing and had to eliminate each other before facing Tokyo’s top players. Eld Bro Ken lost to Shooting-D. TsuuJii rog was eliminated by Yng Bro Chun. Then he lost to Tokyo’s another Chun player. So, Shooting-D was the Osaka’s only survivor who made it to four finalists’ round-robin. However, with his strong confidence and bold killer instinct, he kicked all other Tokyo players butt and won.

2nd day-3on3 results (38 teams; 112 players):
1st. team massacre[Tama-rog/ Noguchi-Fei/ Umechin-Ryu] - 3w-1l; playoff won
2nd. team Shin-Kurahashi[Kurahashi-Guile/ Yng Bro Chun/ Shin Dhal] - 3w-1l; playoff lost
3rd. team Pony village[Pony-Gief/ Mattsun-Ken/ Tsuno-Guile] - 2w-2l
3rdT. team Dramatic tough Guy[Shooting-D-Ryu/ Inoki is back-Ryu/ (absent)] - 2w-2l
5th. holy MORE[Holy Scarlet Vega/ new-rog/ Jun-rog] - 4l

ground final playoff between ‘team massacre’ and ‘team Shin-Kurahashi’:
match#1. Umechin beats Kurahashi
#2. Yng Bro Chun beats Umechin
#3. Noguchi beats Yng Bro Chun
#4. Shin Dhal beats Noguchi
and #5. Tama beats Shin Dhal - ‘team massacre’ won

Highlights: Overall, more and more players focus and concentrate on this team tourney and when it comes to Tokyo vs. Osaka, all the crowds get excited and cheer up them.
Our team’s first match was between Eld Bro Ken’s team. My Gief defeated Chinese guy’s Honda then lost to Eld Bro Ken. then the final match was between Eld Bro Ken vs. buktooth(Campbell) and buktooth defeated Eld Bro Ken and eliminated his team. (we then lost to Shooting-D’s)
Pony-Gief is my teacher and way 5 times better than my Gief. He eliminated tough opponent teams as if it were nothing. He had made 3wins in a row many times even in the final round-robin and gave everyone terror with his Gief power.
After final rr, two teams tied 3w-1l and had ground final playoff between them; Tokyo’s #1 team vs. Osaka’s #1 team.
Tokyo’s top team finally defeated Osaka’s and won.

It was really special tourney for those ST fans. ST never ends. Until next time, everyone keeps practicing and sharpen their skillz…

damn sounds really coool i wish we could get a tournament like that for anything in the US but people don’t care that much :frowning:

Wow Kuni! That report alone makes me wish I lived in Cali with my OG homiez! I love how you talk about Pony Gief. One day I must meet the MAN! Heheh. Thanks bro.


make me wish i was in japan:(

Sounds amazing, finaly know what the big Jap ST tourney is. Is there an X mania DVD/video, website or ANY resourse to visit? I would give anything to get the video of this and past X manias.

http://xmania.hp.infoseek.co.jp - for brackets/ xmania IV

previous xmanias - http://kahyuu.infoseek.livedoor.com/warehouse.htm

for jap ST footage, there is footage of SBO tournament that was held this year at #gamecombos on IRC. It features Yng Bro Chun, Kurahashi, Daigo, and other top ST players. The quality is very good as well.

WTF is a moop? hahahaa everyone gets into a fight

Does anyone have this available on the GO For Broke hub?


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