8/23 Chicago Nickel City Results



1st - George “JuicyG” Fed - Chun li
2nd - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - Shiki/Chun li
3rd - Rashad “Old Man” Miller - Zero/Chun li
4th - Jim “Shin Hugo” Lapointe - Hugo/Demitri

crazy tourny… with 1 game winners finals,losers finals, and finals… its so good when tournaments are run on time and end on time… not at 2am… HUH ERIC??? =P floe knocks george in losers,george beats rashad, george beats floe 2 games by PIXEL last game because floe is an idiot and does random dp’s >_<


1st - Joel “StriderKlown” Meza - Magneto/Cable/Cyclops
2nd - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - MSP, team Row
3rd - Tony Kao - Sentinel/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sentinel/Commando
4th - George “JuicyG” Fed - MSP?

ummm crazy fucking upsets this tourny…joel knocks george into losers, tony raped floe and knocks him into losers 2-0,floe beats george 2-0,floe comes back against tony 3-0 in losers finals, then finals beats joel 4-1 first set… and then goes on to lose the 2nd set 3-0…once again good job with time management eric!


1st - Eddie Ferrier - HONDA (…)
2nd - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - Vega,Old Sagat, Ryu
3rd - Rashad Miller - Chun li
4th - Lex - No idea

and the reign of gimick vega is finally over =( stupid honda… but yeah… rashad knocks eddie into losers…floe beats rashad 3-0 in winners finals… then loses to eddie 3-0,3-0 in finals…floes weakness against honda is blatently exploited =(


1st - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - Sol
2nd - Mike “ElvenShadow” Bozack - Faust
3rd - George “JuicyG” Fed - Sol
4th - Eric “i dont know how to run fucking tournaments” Colozo - Slayer

george puts bozack in losers 2-1 crazy pixel matches…floe beats george 3-1 in winners finals… bozack plows through losers and goes on to beat george 3-2 in losers finals… then loses to floe 4-1 in finals


1st - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - Chun li/Ken
2nd - Tony Defly - Ken/Necro
3rd - George “JuicyG” Fed - Ken

ummm… i think biggest crazy upset is eric beating domingo…george knocks tony into losers… floe beats geroge in winners finals… tony beats george in losers finals… floe finally overcomes his mental block against tony and beats him 3-1 in finals


I got lucky.

What method for Zangief is best against Hadouken spammers?

Good job to all who placed in every game, but mvc2 results are all fucked up! Good shit to Tony and Joel in mvc2. Joel I hear you are free of chains now, no more bitch, juss mvc2 all day. hahahah. O yea no need to be all “I got lucky”. Soomighty told me that out there in cali everyone’s cocky, so you gotta be cocky yoself. word. I honestly thought George would win it for free.

Good shit to Ari the KoC…maybe this line will motivate George. Better watch out though criticizing eric, he might rape you!


Are these still being APEXed?


Me on saturday=Disinterested.But good games to all


BTW Marc who the hell told you that I wasn’t with my girl no more
fool i’m always gonna be with her and there is no reason to call her a bitch… i mean whata fuck man dont do that ever again… respect :mad:


That was me Joel…and i heard it from somewhere else that happened…Apolgies


good games and good times, my highlight was winning a set in MvsC2 :stuck_out_tongue:

low point–starting time :mad:


oh ok then… it’s all good…