(8/24/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #71


Another exciting tourney at the Break!

1: Sanford (C. Viper)
2: Arturo (Rose, Dhalsim)
3: Min (Dictator)
4: Lud
5: KDZ
5: MarlinPie
7: Andre
7: Ryder
9: Quotes
9: Magman
9: NerdJosh
9: Steve H
13: Mike Infinite
13: Aqua
13: Liston
13: Noel FUCKING Brown
17: Frantastic
17: iNerd
17: SKM
17: Sai
17: Kazi
17: Rugi
17: K Hunter
17: Z Man
25: Riyo
25: Dycknasty
25: TrollerSkates
25: Puccabuki
25: Love me Wanton
25: Chakl
25: Cool Rain
25: CJ
33: Jonny Digital
33: Kooper
33: Professor Neptune


sanford doing hes thing nasty viper


wow what a sick turnout


0-2 my old friend what’s good


can someone post the link to the original thread for the tourney? kinda new to the scene trying to get better at finding out about the tri state tourney’s ahead of time,…thx


Shit is not free at all Kooper… Arturo and myself go back and forth


Crazy turn out…and it looks like next week I’ll be able to actually go again.


____ = ass


What happened FYC?



The skill level in the top half of this tourney is absolutely insane. I dare anyone to find a weekly tournament with more killers.

Good shit to everyone!



Just gotta believe!


Omg not in the structure built as a habitat for humans again :crybaby: :frowning:


Starcraft 2 has destroyed them…


I will have to stop by now, that I have tues nights off.


New York happened


Cake at the Break - a set on Flickr

It was… Delicious.


Any videos?


shout outs to all the stream monsters :]
YOU, yes YOU, make these events… even more entertaining :smokin:


steve h, lud and inerd? are you guys bsing with the names here? why the hell were they there? wtf!!!


Videos are here:

Shoryuken - The Break SSF4 Weekly #71 - (Dunellen, NJ)