8/24,25 Japan ST national 'X-mania III' result


ST never dies!
Anual ST big tourney ‘X-mania’ is held in Sugamo, Tokyo.
This event would be a heaven for those of ST fans.
(all the characters names are written in US basis)

day 1(preliminary tourney day):
last qualifying tourney for 3 on 3 final:
16 teams entered, and 4 teams passed.

single match(56 people):
1st: KKY (Dhalsim)
2nd: Tenchomanager
3rd: Bonus(Blanka) / Mutekiinvincible

day 2(final)
3 on 3 team tourney final(qualified 24 teams):
1st: Inrou fan club(1: Shooting D(Ryu),2: Younger Bro. Chun(ChunLi),3: (absent))
2nd: Team MORE(1: SkyHighClaw aka MORE Vega(Vega),2: MORE Bison(M.Bison),3: MORE Balrog(Balrog))
3rd: Kalisma on 2ch(1: Elder Bro. Ken(Ken),2: Kurahashi(Guile),3: Ken-O(Dhalsim))
Despite the absense of a player(handicap), both Shooting D and Bro. Chun played excellectly and won the tourney.

East vs. West regional competition(13 on 13):
same as East coast vs. West coast rivality, Tokyo area top players vs. Osaka and its vincity’s top player fight each other.
East’s characters in order:
Hawk,Balrog,Zangief,Ryu,Ken,Vega,Dhalsim,Balrog,Zangief,Dhalsim,DeeJay,Bison, and Guile
West’s characters in order:
Zangief,Blanka,Zangief,Ryu,Ryu,Ken,Balrog,Ryu,Bison,Balrog,Balrog,Ryu, and ChunLi(unused)
Result: East(11 wins) West(13 wins) - West won with 2 people remain!
East was leading 11-6, and everyone believed East would win.
But from here, 12th of West(Shooting D-Ryu) had made a unbelievable come back and defeated 7 ppl in a row and lead West to a victory, again.

Great job for those who attended.
There were two of female players, both played so well with their ChunLi/Vega.
Not only they played well, but both are so cute babes too. :smiley:

sorry, no footage available for public… . . .however


Wow…sounds intense! Thanks.


no public footage???:frowning:

Wish I could have seen that…cool tourney:D


ST LIVES! Booyah. Wish there was this much draw for the game in the US.


Damn. no footage. I want to see the cute Chun/Vega babe players! :slight_smile:


Kuni: Why isn’t there footage available to the public?