8/25/02 MvC2 SJ2 Results

1st: Rick Mears: storm/cable/capcom, cable/bh/capcom
2nd: Desmond Pinkney: sent/cable/capcom, sent/cable/cyke
3rd: Ricky Ortiz: storm/cable/psy, spiral/cable/sent
4th: Damian Eklund: storm/cable/doom, storm/sent/cable
5th: Brandon Deshields: ironman/storm/sent
5th: Julian Robinson: sent/cable/capcom, juggz/cable/sent

  • josh choked and sold out…
  • brandon upset sanford and retired him from marvel due to his leet ironman…
  • I got xecuted by scott summers in the winners and losers…
  • rick m is still garbage, someone should have picked doom against him
  • dmx was found sleeping on the street, literally… all our homeless joke dreams came true…

Well the tourney was fun cause all my peeps were there. I was chillin with eric v which i haven’t seen since like march madness 2.

Everybody had a good time, except for the mvc2 team tourney delay, which never even happend:(

I am glad damian made it at such a short notice, good job on top 5 my friend. I am glad i got top 5 even though i could have still did better.

Good job to rick on beating ricky ortiz in the winners finals, we were all supporting him with loud cheers:D Ricky ortiz even picked his famous spiral team, but rick just played it smart, and spiral honestly did nothing to him. I guess ricky is just too rusty with spiral now.

:lol: Poor dmx, that is sad how they found him sleeping on the steps next to billy bob’s. Little eric, and rick said that he had slobber all on his face after they woke him up:eek:

yea sj2 was alright, im suprised only 24 came for mvc2. lots of surpises in mvc2, with sanford quitting and ricky getting spanked by rick

24 people?! dam thats kinda weak…Like a break tourney lol except with good sticks prolly hahahha
congrats to winners and etc

rickey doesn’t play spiral X so his spiral is soft LMAO :wink:

good stuff though sorry i didn’t make it up to this one…money isn’t exactly flowing at me right now lol

This was one of the most fun tournaments i’ve been to in quiet some time. Congrats to all the winners in Cvs2 and Mc2. There was some sick shit jumping off on both of those games. A groove is killer. Plus sanfords 18 hit Sentinel combo looked NUTZ!!! I was happy to see so many new faces and meet cool new people with different play styles. Oh yeah Bryheem and JOP’s tekken tag match was crazy also. Props to Rick and Brandon for shaking things up a little in the world of MC2. Brandons Ironman is DEATH :eek: !!! DMX is a WILD BOY :lol: very funny stuff.
I do kinda wish the team MC2 thing jumped off but i guess it will be aight for next time. Thanks to Eric and his staff for running a tight weekend. see ya’ll saturday.

is starbury the white guy from nj that plays cable anything teams? like cable/sent/storm and cable/sent/aa? lol.

Yea that’s him I pointed that out to him too and he denied it :lol:

I’m that other white guy from Jersey, it’s impossible to JD your cammy she throws out another FP before I can do anything else, she’s so broken :smiley:

lol , starbury’s cable is damn good. he needs to learn other characters though. if i could get through his cable, i’d beat him, if not, it was an ocv. i took out two of his characters with sent easy.

starbury’s cable…hehehehehe…

before flame war starts, its just roger trying to fit in…sup starbury…

Yeah, starbury has a very good cable. But all’s he needs to do is learn is storm, and sentinel better. He would be so much better with those 2 characters exp up:)

But starbury is still a excellent player, he probally would have beat josh wong if he didn’t make mistakes, but everybody makes mistakes in mvc2.