8/26 Columbus OH tournament results in Walmart

Super Smash Brothers
Singles winnner: Mathos
Doubles winners: Mathos & Anuj (you can find them over on startpause or smashboards)

3rd Strike
Winner: Fugee

They didn’t end up running the Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament. There were enough people who wanted to play it (around 8 I believe) although I think there were some conflicting interests in the system it was going to be played on. The PS2 was the only version there until Fugee showed up with the DC. I think the few people (more like 2) who wanted it on PS2 would’ve lost anyway, but that’s just my guess.

The turnout overall was pretty decent considering the advertising, location, ect. The only thing was, was that all the TVs weren’t squared away aka not setup. Some of the TVs (maybe 1 or 2) didn’t have remotes so you couldn’t use the video/audio component cables and had to use RF connectors (which were lacking in themselves :wasted: ). This could’ve been solved with 1 universal remote provided by Walmart. Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal. I believe they 1 got of the TVs working and I went and bought a RF connector which I simply returned after the tournament for a full refund (gotta love the return policy).

We’ll see if the next one actually has a Budokai 3 bracket although John said there would be (thought that was said last time at the CCAD). :wonder: