8/26 MVC2 @ The Break Results

14 people

  1. sanford kelly
  2. org
  3. blue_j
  4. matrix
  5. starbury
  6. someone else

sorry about that matrix

dunno the rest cause i was playing UMK3 (beasting on John V with friendships) all night instead of running the tournament - sorry haha

next week: Mvc2
2 weeks: MVc2 + 3S

It was a fun tourny. I got 4th though rob.(your juggy is beastly) Rahsaan should have lost to Blue J. Rahsaan choked it up against Sanford. Sanford’s sent is godlike. Good turnout. I will get my revenge blue J

…i should have went…oh weel ill be there sunday

whoops sorry fixed it

Santraxxxx tooooo gooooood. I need vids of this god-like Sentinel.

im done

yo where there vids plus did javiar go if he did who did he lose to cause he should have def got top how many peeps entered.

Rahsaan is to good
My sentinel is LAME :tup: .