[8/28] Best Of Best Philly Players Tournament result!

Winner took all !!!

  1. Dr.chaos - Ken
  2. Skye - Honda
  3. KDZ - Rufus
  4. EvilDrakefang - Cammy, Ken
  5. Kazi - El
  6. Josh Wong - Guile, Sagat, Ryu
  7. Fecalpenace - Bison
  8. Rondomheat - Honda, Ryu
  9. Lee - Fei, Sagat, Guile
  10. Pete68 - Gief, Sagat
  11. Dave.D - Rose

Brackets and Match videos

Click the score and Click the score again from match note for match videos

Thanks for coming and supporting

all matches are recorded and embedded to the bracket

thanks for the great tournament one!

all the vids arent up one. are you working on that?


GG to everybody!!!
KDZ got the best commentary LOL!!!

2nd place does not suit skyet.

Shit was awesome to watch and hang out. Thanks a bunch for hosting One!

Nice work, General Chaos. :karate:

Brackets are now all linked to youtube!!!

click the score and click the score again whitin match notes for match videos!!!

Good job scumbag lord!!

Thanks for everything One. Thanks to all the people who played some casuals with me, sorry I am a little quite. Let me know if anyone needs anything. Im trying to get on that Justin.TV tip.

thats cool how you made all the brackets link to the matches, good stuff man.

=O do you guys play casuals anywhere?
i might be visiting philly in the next couple of weeks

I got counterpicked pretty hard in the tourney but casuals were pretty fun. I gotta learn how to fight against Elf…

Sherryjenix - yes we play casuals, usually at somebody’s house. Make a post in the Philly thread when you get in town and I’m sure you’ll be able to get in on some sessions.

damn your fuerte kazi!

I’m so upset that I missed it

haha you missed it you fool!