[8/28] The Best Of The Best Philly Players Tournament with Stream! Winner takes all!


Where: 214 s.42nd st Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Two blocks from University Pinball Arcade)

When: 8/28 Friday

What: SF4

Pre-requisite for entrance: Top 8 of UP weekly or any equivalent tournament’s Top 8 placers

Pre-Register with proof of top 8 place required.

Every Single match of the Tournament will be live streamed or recorded

check out the quality of live streamed and recorded matches

through justin.tv

Live Stream address
http://en.justin.tv/evildrakefang using direct input from the TV with cloud sound include
http://en.justin.tv/drakefang using Webcam with cloud sound include

Recorded Matches Archives: http://en.justin.tv/evildrakefang/all and http://en.justin.tv/drakefang/all

SF4 Sign up starts at 7:30pm, Tournament starts at 8pm sharp
(late comers start in the losers bracket)

If you can’t make it on time, call me ahead of time and text me your gamer tag, name and location(i.e Evildrakefang, One, PA),

to 215-776-6676

***If any pre-registered player does not show up on the tournament day with out notice,

the player won’t be able to pre-register the next tourney.***

Entrance fee: $10 for SF4

Venue fee: $3

Prize: Winner takes all the pot!!!

Casual Free play starts at 4pm

Free play setup available for Xbox360

Free play setup available for PS3

!!!Xbox360/TV donators get $5 discount for their entree!!!

Set up: XBOX 360 only

BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller!!)

You can pause the game by mistake, but if you did on purpose to mess up your opponent’s attack, you’ll be DQed
(in winners bracket -> losers bracket, losers bracket -> go home :D)

No matter who you are, you got 5mins once your name is called for matches. After 5mins, you’ll get DQed.
(If you don’t want this, leave your cell phone number so I can contact you when your matches are up)

Double Elimination

Winners, Losers Final: 3 out of 5

Grand Final: 3 out of 5

A nice turn out will make this a Friday’s weekly :smiley:

Qualified top 8 players from the past UP weekly are

1st Tournament full result(30 entrants)


1: Arturo - Sim ($180.00)
2: Dr. chaos - Ken ($90.00)
3: nerdjosh - Sagat ($30.00)
4: fecalpenance - Bison
5: Ryder - Abel
5: Rashreflection - Seth
7: Jollies - Sagat
7: GPL - Sagat

2nd Tournament full result(26 entrants)


1: Arturo
2: Dr. chaos
3: Chris Hu
4: Julian
5: One
5: KDZ
7: Concept
7: fecalpenance

3rd Tournament full result(21 entrants)


1: Arturo ($125.00)
2: Dr. chaos ($65.00)
3: Demon. Hyo ($20.00)
4: EvilDrakefang
5: Rick
5: Rondomheat
7: Damdai
7: Kazi

4th Tournament full result(28 entrants)


1: Arturo ($160.00)
2: Dr. chaos ($80.00)
3: nerdjosh ($25.00)
4: Evil Rashaan
5: EvilDrakefang
5: Jollies
7: Ryder
7: Demon. Hyo

5th Tournament full result(16 entrants)


1: Skyet - E.Honda ($95)
2: Dr. chaos - Ryu, Ken ($45)
3: Demon. Hyo - Seth, Blanka, Chun, Cammy ($10)
4: EvilDrakefang - Cammy
5: Kazi - El fuerte
5: fecalpenance - M.Bison
7: Wapo
7: Dave2

6th Tournament full result(15 entrants)


1: Demon. Hyo ($90) - Seth, Chun-li, Blanka
2: Skyet ($30) - Honda, Bison
3: kl ($15) - Fei-long, Bison
4: Dr. chaos - Ken, Ryu
5: Uglyslob - Viper
5: EvilDrakefang - Cammy
7: Jim
7: Josh

Pre-Register List:

  1. EvilDrakefang - One, Exclusively mains Cammy
  • Highest place record: 3rd
  1. Fecalpenace - Damien, Exclusively mains Dictator
  • Highest place record: 3rd
  1. Peter - Peter, Exclusively mains Gief
  • Highest place record: 4th
  1. Demon. Hyo - Brandon, Seth, Chun-li, Blanka
  • Highest place record: Winner of 6th UP weekly
  1. Dr. Chaos - Brandon. E, Exclusively mains Ken
  • Highest place record: Winner of 4th(?) 8otb weekly
  1. HAV - Brandon, Exclusively mains Abel
  • Highest place record: Winner of VA/MD Tourney
  1. Skyet - Skye Thomson, Exclusively mains E.Honda
  • Highest place record: Winner of several tourneys
  1. Kazi - Kazi, Exclusively mains El fuerte
  • Highest place record: 5th
  1. KL Justice - Kayel, Fei-long, Dictator
  • Highest place record: 3rd
  1. Dave.D - Dave, Exclusively mains Rose
  • Highest place record: 7th
  1. Evil Rashaan - Rashaan, Sim, Seth, Gen, Gief
  • Highest place record: Winner of several tourneys
  1. Andre - Andre, Exclusively mains Dictator
  • Highest place record: Winner of several tourneys
  1. Ryder - Ryan, Ryu, Abel
  • Highest place record: 3rd
  1. KDZ - Phil, Exclusively mains Rufus
  • Highest place record: 5th
  1. Zangief Master - Julian, Exclusively mains Gief
  • Highest place record: Winner of several tourneys
  1. Liston - Liston, Exclusively mains Sagat
  • Highest place record:
  1. Mike Infinite - Mike, Exclusively mains Boxer
  • Highest place record:
  1. Smooth Viper - Erik, Sagat, Gief
  • Highest place record:
  1. Rico Suave - Rico Suave, Exclusively mains Abel
  • Highest place record: Winner of Who Got Next? Gaming
  1. Rick - Rick, Exclusively mains Boxer
  • Highest place record: 5th
  1. Rondomheat - Ron, Exclusively mains Boxer
  • Highest place record: 5th

ok… any more Brandon??? lol

Bracket and match videos
click the score, then click the winner’s name for match videos


Not Break or UP… but what’s good.


so are you gonna make it?

or just saying that you gonna make it but won’t show up as usual?



Only time will tell…

Friday tournament makes this much easier.


Please make sure if you are coming or not cuz this one is 16 only cap


I wouldn’t be able to get there until 8:30. If you could hold my first match until then, I will definitely show up.


be on time, this is scheduled to live stream

so if you come late, you will start at the losers

plus, sorry to say this but currently you have no credit to get special treat since you haven’t made one before. If only have you made one of these weekly, I would hold your match as I do for other regulars, but your status is not a regular for now. fair enough?

EDIT: I have waited Arturo, Damdai, NerdJosh, Damien, Josh Wong(these guys consistently come late) up to 2 hours for each tournament because I know they are coming but…you


Ok. Fuck it then.

Have fun guys!


I’m thinking about not collecting house cut for out of towners :smiley:


whoa, if there’s a tourney today i may come


Take the house CUT from everyone:badboy::badboy::badboy:


lol you are an evil

anyway I’m not trying to collect money for my own

I have a bigger plan to do

for example, adding pot to monthly top 8 players tournament, or get better equipments for tournament, recording setup

and it is obvious that $3 of house cut won’t help much may be providing free soda for players :smiley:

also, I’m gonna work on our own tournament web site which will provide brackets with scores that will be linked to the match videos as I did with my previous mini weekly tournaments

so people can track and follow the flow of the tournaments



_____Hyo Chaos__Kattermari One Rogueyoshi Matt

Hyo_________________[media=youtube]dwbO1ZVvyQI"]1 - 2_____2 - 02 - 12 - 0[__ 4 - 1 (9 - 3) 2nd

Chaos______[media=youtube]dwbO1ZVvyQI"]2 - 1](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2AZZlcNEDI"[/media)______________ 2 - 02 - 12 - 1____[______5 - 0 (10 - 3) 1st

Kattermari__ [media=youtube]Oe0mecFXN-o"]0 - 2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dktaAbNdZMw"[/media)_____0 - 2 _____1 - 21 - 2[______1 - 4 (4 - 9) 5th

One [media=youtube]Dslb_6ENDIQ"]1 - 2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEmGTQWZatY"[/media)1 - 22 - 1__2 - 0[______3 - 2 (8 - 6) 3rd

Rogueyoshi_ [media=youtube]v7D5lfQA_ss"]0 - 2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2wY9Pahpqo"[/media)1 - 2_2 - 1 ____[___________2 - 1______2 - 3 (5 - 8) 4th

Matt_______ [media=youtube]z2AZZlcNEDI"]0 - 2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JK6vkWYo9w"[/media)0 - 21 - 2___[URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2wY9Pahpqo”[/media] ____1 - 2 _____________0 - 5 (3 - 10) 6th


fashionably late

nice innovations one…


testing live stream : www.justin.tv/evildrakefang


Can I get in on this? Can’t wait Philly Kazi - Cose


post your result of tournament plz :smiley:


Too many Brandons!!


you guys gotta change your name lol lol


sign me up One!

seems like it will be a fun tournament.

also, i have the internet again and couldn’t be happier :stuck_out_tongue: two weeks is a long, long time.


glad that you got the connection again!!!

look at the pre-reg lists

This touney is indeed a philly top players’ tourney :smiley:

and check their mains lol such a nice variety

EDIT: Someone make me a flyer for this plz :smiley: