8/29/09 Oicho Throwdown Results

Wanted to thank everyone for coming out. I know the turnout was lighter than we would have liked, but it looked like everyone was having a good time (except NKI, who slept thru Blazblue Finals). Youtube vids of the finals matches will be up soon for HDR, BB and SF4. We’re talking about having another one, with a cheaper/nonconditional venue fee. Here are results.

SF4 - 18 Players

  1. Shekeib
  2. NKI
  3. Rex
  4. Shohaib
  5. Zenkix
  6. Warden
  7. Axiom
  8. Blicen

Blazblue - 16 Players

  1. Radian
  2. Axiom
  3. Warden
  4. Zero
  5. Kiko
  6. Zenkix
  7. Raving Green
  8. Sala

ST HD Remix - 7 Players

  1. NKI
  2. Rex
  3. Chachi

MvC2 Round Robin - 3 Players

  1. NKI

SFIV Teams (6 Teams)

  1. Shayan & Shohaib
  2. Shekieb & Rex

Blazblue Teams (5 Teams)

  1. Axiom & Radian
  2. Sala & Race

GGs to everyone I played. NKI, I’m going to catch back up to you someday…

Axiom and Radian, great Nus. I obviously need more practice in that matchup.

This was the best venue I’ve been to locally. Springfield needs to blow up, I’m really surprised at the low turnout. Can’t wait for the next one!

yeah not many people, but with a pot bonus it doesnt realy matter right :slight_smile:

The venue was one of the best iv ever been to as well. So much space, refreshments a step away(though no one working there apparently :/), and the awsome couch right behind a the tv with the big screen behind it was hype as fuck. Start holding monthlys, if you can keep getting pot bonuses it will only grow.

And jeff you owe me a money match!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that snack bar is usually manned, customers at the store are sort of trained to go flag down someone from the front but I didn’t even think about it. There will be better service there next time for sure. Probably gonna have to throw a bone to the rabid smash bros community for my next bigger event, but I’ll work on building up another pot bonus over the next couple months and see what we can do.

good shit beating Rex, Nick! did you do the right thing and get Springfield to see the light that is SF4 chun li? or did you stick to bison?

Thanks to all that showed up, it was great to meet everyone! We all had a great time. Lets make it even better next time!


Good shit everyone. Thanks for showing us true Springfield power and hospitality…

Nick, Rex- one day I promise I won’t let you guys walk all over me. I need more Dic experience.

GS my nikuu! looking forward to seeing the videos~

Yep, good stuff everyone! Throughly enjoyed all the events, especially getting completely pummeled by NKI in MvC2 :rofl:

Good games urrbody.

:rofl: Nah, I had a great time. But the combination of not knowing BB + hella tired + comfy couch = KAY-OH!!

Great times fellas. This venue was one of the best I’ve been to yet, only being topped by SB’s MoMo cafe. Tendollarbanana, thanks for running this!

My SF4 execution is trash, but my head is in the right place. I think I did better in this one than any tournament so far. I’ll keep practicing.

BlazBlue… well, your community seems hype, and feel free to ask us questions, we’d be more than happy to help out.

Le - Good shit. I hate having to pick Nu in tournament matches, but, until they fix some things, I’m going to do what I have to do. Grand Finals coming down to the very last hit of the last round leads me to believe you and I are a coin toss at this point. Though you won it. Good job. And way to not lose one round in teams.

Clint - TAGER!!! SOVIET DAMAGE!!! Manly. I want to see you in top 3 next time. And your Potemkin is HELLA better… Lookout KC GG players.

Warden - Excellent job in both tournaments. Le told me to play Nu against you from the start in our match, but I wanted to do it with my main before I had to lean on that crutch of a character. Close shit in any case. You and ArkiveZero should go at it again. I’d like to see how that goes.

Kurasa - Too funny man. “GO SUPER SAIYAN!!! NOW!!! DO IT!! YOU -WILL- WIN!” Had me cracking up. I respect that you chose to play Sakura. More for the love of the character, than the victory. Next time you’re around I might have to try more TvC. I was just trying to watch everyones matches this time.

Rex - Good ish, and I’m glad to hear you’re playing Guilty Gear now. You may not like BB (I don’t blame people who don’t like it. The game has its share of problems) but GG is a near perfect 2D fighter, and with AKA helping you, we’ll see you owning people in that soon. Look forward to seeing your progress next time around.

NKI - Solid and scary, as always. Maybe next time my execution won’t be trash and I can actually finish what I start?

Chess is the best fighting game…

SEE YOU GUYS AT THE NEXT MAX OUT!!! (looking at either Sept 19th or Oct 3rd) We’ll keep you guys in the loop.


Axioms chess lessons were top notch, gonna snag that puzzle book and do a chess mm at max out if I can make it!

Best moment of the night, bar none. There was no way I couldn’t be a bit of a crowd-pleaser after that, though I’m still working on getting better control of my FRKZ.:smokin: Will definitely be joining TenDollarBanana and hopefully bringing a few more to Max Out in the future, so look out:cool:

Good shit everyone I had a really good time at this venue. The Blazblue tournament showed me one of my biggest weaknesses as a player. I won’t say what it was but come down to Max Out next month & I’ll be sure to show you a new and improved Tager with some REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the model # and brand of the high def flatscreen that was in the corner to the right of the projection was you guys used in this tournament? It had to have been HDMI with 1080p, because that was a beautiful picture, and the ONLY high def set I’ve played on with NO lag. It was the one I played my matches vs Warden and Zer0 on. If you were standing facing the projection by the couch, it was the set in the right hand corner.



On that note (hey, I couldn’t resist the pic opportunity):


Good ol’ NKI off in dreamland:tup:

And not to worry, I’m currently editing, cutting up the videos so they fit on Youtube, etc, so they should be up soon.

Good shit.

All recorded finals are now up.

[media=youtube]GunEjTPNV_M[/media] - HDR Finals (NKI vs Rex0r)

[media=youtube]TD7jLi6AkSw&feature=PlayList&p=593F8C49608E6540&index=0&playnext=1[/media] - Street Fighter IV Winner’s Final (Rex0r vs Shekeib)
[media=youtube]wLgVubZ9nM0&feature=PlayList&p=8DB657F5B07B20D3&index=0&playnext=1[/media] - Street Fighter IV Loser’s Final (Rex0r vs NKI)
[media=youtube]mbjzoCKGhEQ&feature=PlayList&p=33B6A5037444512A&index=0&playnext=1[/media] - Street Fighter IV Grand Final (NKI vs Shekeib)

[media=youtube]LIVK0W1XkL0&feature=PlayList&p=365794CC9BED1526&index=0[/media] - Blazblue Final (AxioM vs Radian)

[media=youtube]vWZiZbEYXKA[/media] - Street Fighter IV 2v2 (Rex0r vs Sho)
[media=youtube]BhQwl-osGqo[/media] - " (Rex0r vs Warden)
[media=youtube]_yvn3UDl3y0[/media] - " (Shekeib vs Kaal)
[media=youtube]TnUTfcqLxCA[/media] - " (Shekeib vs Shayan)

If someone wants to tell me how the 2v2 finals went down (which was winners, losers) that’d be great. But they’re here ay any rate (albeit without editing, since apparently windows 7 doesn’t include movie maker, lol).

I know it was a Visio, but that’s it. Jeff (TenDollarBanana) may be able to get the model # and such though.

I’ll be able to talk to the owner of that TV tomorrow and get the info for you. Here is the only picture of the event I took that turned out well.