[8/29] 3rd SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! (CASH ) Brooklyn/NY

Its me again, :frowning: so another tourney from the white kid.
Since the last tourney was short notice, i had just set up casuals all day
so this will be the sanctioned 3rd Bar-Fight. So lets get everyone hype and pack the bar up fully,
40 entries; I know we can do it.

Saturday, August 29th
Street Fighter IV TOURNAMENT
pre-reg 5:00 and tourney will start at 6:30 PM “Lets be on time”
Rain "bar and lounge"
124 Ave O between west 6th and west 7th street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

use http://www.hopstop.com
if taking the N train, get off at Bay Parkway (thanks Vizard)

Entry Fee
$10 and $10 Venue fee
1st. 70% + free entry to next tourney!
2nd. 20%
3rd. 10%

double elimination with 2/3 matches
winners/losers final will be 3/5
Grand finals will be 3/5

360 console
Controllers- BYOC
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

i will use software to randomize the brackets so its RANDOM !!

50 inch LCD HDTV and a 42 inch LCD HDTV which i run on HDMI So there’s no lag

There is no age limit required and no players are BANNED!
Everyone also needs to respect the lounge when inside
if anyone has any additional info that they want to add message me or just reply on the forum.

bump :slight_smile:

your dates are conflicting. It says aug 15.

Man I’d really like to show for you tournament (I played you casually at WCG using Chun with my boy Billis using Blanka). But it’s 360 only and I’m on PS3. Maybe when I get good with an arcade stick.

fixed :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

Just come, people will let you use their stick

I still don’t have one :xeye:

We are getting closer to the tourney and i cant wait to see everyone :slight_smile:

im down to come, i dont have a 360 stick so i hope a fellow fighter will let me use his =( whats the number to the bar just in case i get lost??? btw my birthday is on the 30th, u think they’ll let me drink after the tourny??? XD

plz get back to me wit the number soon!!! thanks oh and im turning 21 on the 30th thas why i asked about the drinking b4 lol

you should not get lost if you check the directions, it is very simple.

5 days to go

might show up…

is this is the same place as the empire tourney sunday?? I live around here tho not really a traveling problem

Yea I want to know if we’re allowed to drink :badboy: ?

this tourney has no affiliation with empire

so few days left, lets get hype

will be at CTF at 9 on friday so if you want to face my sim< come by

you know I’m always going to be there with my rog. :smiley:
Asian kid w/ glasses aka Ben

2 more days until hype fest begins.