8/29 SOVA Greenbrier Cyberstation tourney: SvC Chaos


That’s right folks! SNK vs Capcom: Chaos tournament right here in Greenbrier Mall.

1401 Greenbrier Pkwy
Chesapeake, VA 23320-2830
(757) 424-7100

**When: **8/29, Saturday, 4PM start time, signups are from open-3:50PM.

**Where: **Cyberstation, next to the food court.

Entry: NO ENTRY FEES, pay to play, cabinet is 1 token(.25 cents)

Prizes: 80 token gift certificate, 40 token gift certificate, 10 token gift certificate.

Rules: Stock characters only, 3/5 rounds, 1 game matches, double elimination.

No entry/venue so everyone is welcomed to join in on the excitement! Also there is DDR Xtreme Mix and a lovely Tekken 5 DR machine for side enjoyment.

So everybody level up!

Any questions? Ask Derek at Cyberstation.


i cant believe this is serious


the end of the world came early.


this is serious… ?

wtf… im in… is this sposed to go in the upcoming events? oh wow…


Im getting that day off.


I am gonna practice, the only issue is if i do win wtf will i use 20 dollars worth of tokkens on there?


learn ddr


yea this is forreal… i actually went to the cyberstation on saturday to check it out and Derrick was saying something about SVC Chaos tourney… im seriously thinkin about going lol.


learn T5DR


no, I am gonna ask him if i can hold on to the gift certificate and trade it in the next time they decide to sell a good game for 12 dollars…


my question is…



Unfortunately, the main reason is: SvC Chaos at Cyberstation is actually popular. Makes a lot of money. Tons more money than SF Anniversary did or even T5DR. So holding a tournament for the hell of it is reasonable for a lot of the people there.

This is what happens when arcades don’t have 3s, Marvel, or so classic SF2 machine to keep us busy.


isnt CVS1 at cinema cafe still?


yeah last time i checked it was


that game sucks too tho…


point is to have fun doesnt matter if it sucks or not. Coutn me in I havent played that game in forever. imma scub up when I get there XD


fuck this game and who plays this to have fun?


People who think they are the shit and try to impress the ladies in an almost non-existent arcade.


lol… really?


Thanks for posting this up.

You fags need to stop pretending that you’re too cool for skool, because you know you’re gonna play this shit. Get over your SFIV-idus, groupies-in-denial.

True popcorn warriors.