8/3 Family Fun Arcade (soCA) Final Biweekly Results: 3S, GGXX, XMvSF

Family Fun Arcade (soCA) biweekly results: 3S, GGXX, XMvSF
3S (14 players):
1st Vic
2nd Gee-O
3rd Paulee
4th SuB Zero

GGXX (8 players):
1st ID
2nd Deuce
3rd Mr Power
4th Somchai S.

X-Men VS SF (Round Robin, 9 players)
1st Frohan
2nd Dogface
3rd Carl W, Fredy

That’s the last sunday biweekly I’ll be running. I don’t know if i’ll throw any more tourneys, but my right hand man Rock has plans for ya. Good shit John D, thanks for always helpin out!

See u guys at EVO.


Duece is TWO good!

Got peaced out. That just tells me to focus on CvS2 for EVO 'cuz I don’t take the time for 3S. Save myself 10 bucks. See y’all at EVO. Peace.

  • J-Peso

since i got this tourney scene started here at FFA, in addition i shall be allowed free entry to all tournaments, and be addressed as the Great Lord Hidetora by all who see me. that is all.

haha jk.

i’m sure you’ll do a helluva better job than me rock. my last tourney will be for the PRE-EVO tourney, can u help me out there?
we can be partners one last time :cool: . hahahaha :lol: