8/30/08 Norcal Ranbat 1@ sjsu

We (me and the other organizers) will be at the SJSU Bowling Center at around noon to set things up, and then from 1pm to 4pm we’ll be taking registration for both MB:AC and GGXX:AC tournies. During this time there’ll be setups for both games for casuals or money matches or whatever the hell you want to do (except break or steal them ).

The results of all tournies will be posted in this thread, and all players will be ranked based upon a win:loss ratio. These statistics will be kept and updated in (hopeful) future events.

As a side note, we did originally plan on a VF5 tourney as well as a 3S tourney, but there is currently not enough interest in VF5 and 3S means venue fee for freeplay on the cabinet. These are both things we want to do in the future, but for now we’re just going to start small and work our way up .

1pm-3pm: Registration for all tournies and free setups
3pm-Finish: GGXX:AC and MB:AC singles
Post tourney-1am: Free setups again


  • This should come as no surprise, but everyone must bring their own controllers. We’re not going to supply sticks or controllers to anyone.
  • No banned characters (though I don’t think anyone is bringing AC+, but in the event that someone does, choosing Kliff or Justice is instant DQ). This should also come as no surprise.
  • Team brackets will be done SBO style, 3v3 single elimination. (NOTE: depending on turnout, we may change to double elimination)
  • Single brackets will be single elimination. (This may also change depending on turnout)
  • Entry fee is $3 per tourney. Pot will be split 60/30/10.
  • Don’t be an ass . We’re all cool dudes who play obscure games of an obscure genre so try to keep conflict to a minimum.

Ways to get there:

  • Valley Transportation Authority
  • Caltrain
  • Amtrak
  • BART (Doesn’t go directly to San Jose, but is the only option for some people in the North and East Bay)

Just to recap:

  • 8/30/08 @ SJSU Bowling Center
  • Registration starts at 1 and ends at 4
  • Tournies are from 4 till whenever
  • We’ll play after that until they kick us out

Hope to see you all there.

Taken from dustloop.com Posted Qwerty.

If you’re 707 - my car:rofl:

You probably shouldn’t have teams. That shit is going to be impossible to run in one day.

Sooo uhh, only anime fighters? Random question: Does SJSU plan on getting SF4/Blaz?

How come no HNK? I’m disappointed.

Only like 4 people play it in Norcal.

sounds good. hope my job will let me leave early. :3

There’s some changes made to the pot. It will be the basic 70/20/10 percent. A few other changes are being made but nothing too big.

If anyone is willing to supply the game we can either arcana or fist of the north star it up to add more mix…I’m always into everything.

There is worry about the two people arguing on meltybread about the tourney, I’m also running the tourney and i assure anyone who comes this weekend that nothing will go wrong with how its run. as far as team tourney is concerned I personally will not do it, just run singles, and if time and people want to permit THEN we’ll do teams.

Too much confusion for no reason.

1pm-3pm: Registration for all tournies and free setups
3pm-Finish: GGXX:AC and MB:AC singles
Post tourney-1am: Free setups again

Well, if people wanna play Hokuto (or Arcana which I doubt) I can bring the console to play either.

i say run arcana. and whoever is the best player in arcana in norcal, you must team up with me.

edit: again, if you are hella good at arcana, you have to team up with me lol

cool im in on both

Any Stockton people able to pick me up? I’m actually on the way when you guys go to San Jose, and I can be close to the freeway for convenience. I also need a Swap Magic disc to run Hokuto, as I don’t have mine with me.

Any chance of changing the date? Sounds like lots of people aren’t going.

Will there be whiskey?

Also, we are heading up to play sf4 friday night. Anyone know if there is somewhere on campus, or nearby, to get fucked up first?

Sjsu is located in or near downtown san jose…just search around…I seen plenty of places to get shit faced.


Stockton shall represent…these nuts.

Gay area shall bow.

Unless Larry S is there to toss this salad. Then all shall not be lost!

also, I’ve never played melty blood or whatever the fuck anime shit you guys are playing, let’s get together after closing and get some practice on. I know you love those games. I’m totally down to offer some more competition, once you show me what makes the games good times. Hopefully they are no jojo’s bizarre adventure, that game made me want to murder childrens puppies.

this is gonna be fun…Minus the Melty Blood…I mean Loli blood, haha

More like Mashy Shit.

Anyways, I can’t go, sorry guys expecting AH/HnK, I’ll try and make the next one.


Will people just stop saying shit and just look at how awesome this game is!